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What do Graduation Gowns Graduate look like?

What do Graduation Gowns Graduate look like?

Graduation gowns for graduate students are very different from the under-graduate ones. Graduation gowns graduate are more intricate in design because inevitably, it is a higher form of education and achievement. To deal with how graduation gowns graduate look like, we will tackle the master’s and doctorate graduation gown separately since they have different specifications.

Graduation gowns material can be made of matte fabric, shiny fabric or the eco-friendly fabric and graduation gowns graduate can be made from either of the three. 

For the Masters Degree graduation gown, the usual required length is either mid-calf to ankle-length. Its color is black and it has oblong-shaped sleeves with openings at the wrist. On the other hand, a doctorate degree graduation gown is also black and can be mid-calf to ankle length. However, doctorate gowns have full bell-shaped sleeves and also have sleeve bands, colored linings and pipings at the front of the gown to look more detailed and distinguished as a Doctorate degree candidate.

Graduation gowns graduate are never complete without the traditional graduation cap and the graduation hoods. Masters degree candidates and Doctorate degree candidates also differ in this matter.

The Masters Degree wear the mortarboard-style graduation caps much like all the other lower levels in the academe (college, high school, etc.). However, the color of the cap also matches their gown which is black. Its tassel is colored to represent the candidate’s academic discipline or field of study.

The Doctorate degree candidates however wear the graduation caps which are called academic tams. Tams are different from the mortarboard-style graduation caps since they resemble more like berets. They look flatter and rounder compared to the usual mortarboard graduation caps. Academic tams are also colored black but in some occasions, it can be dark blue. Its tassel is always bullion or gold-colored which are only unique to them.

Graduation hoods for graduate students also differ in specifications depending if one is a Masters Degree or Doctorate degree holder. For the Masters, the required graduation hood length is three and a half feet while the Doctorates have them up to four feet in length. 

Moreover, the graduation hoods also represent two colors for two things; the velvet lining is colored to represent the candidate’s academic discipline and the satin lining represents the color of the school or University where the candidate has graduated from.

Graduation caps and hoods can become great souvenirs if the wearer did actually buy them and not just rented the attire. It can be preserved in a frame and can be hanged wherever in the house to show off one’s pride. However, this can be very seldom since it is well known that renting a graduation attire instead of actually buying it is more economical and wise.

Graduation gowns for graduate students can also be customized depending on the school’s requirement and the candidate’s wish. Even graduation caps can be customized and decorated to look unique but it is only most common in the high school level. For the Masters and Doctorate graduation, the attire should look as formal and as prestigious as possible. 

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