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What are the Specifications of Academic Regalia Doctoral Hood?

What are the Specifications of Academic Regalia Doctoral Hood?

An academic regalia doctoral hood is a required piece of garment worn along with the doctoral robe and academic tam for those who are finally receiving their doctorate diploma. And just like every piece of doctoral academic regalia, a doctoral hood has its own specification that is unique to a doctoral graduate.

An academic regalia doctoral hood is required to be four feet long with satin and velvet linings that are colored to represent both the candidate’s academic discipline and the official school color on where the candidate is graduating from. A doctoral hood is the longest hood since a master’s hood is only three and a half feet long while a college hood is only three feet long.

For academic regalia how to wear hood, it is recommended to wear a buttoned-up blouse underneath the doctoral robe for the hood to be easily attached on the button. However, if a buttoned-up blouse is not available, a pin can be used to attach the hood onto the chest area of the candidate. Secure it well and let the rest of the hood’s cloth flow freely at the back showing the colors of the satin and velvet lining.

An academic regalia doctoral hood makes the overall doctoral regalia look more detailed, heavy and complicated. Hoods may symbolize a form of higher studies that are somehow coveted by anyone. It also makes it a symbol of academic excellence as a part of the traditional ceremonial garments worn by the 

seniors of the academe.

Graduation hoods are also very special since they are only required to be worn by masters and doctorate degree candidates and sometimes, college degree candidates are wearing it too but are not really mandated in every school. In turn, graduation hoods signify academic achievers of a higher form of studies.

Graduation hoods are now manufactured in different graduation shops that also sell graduation gowns, caps and other graduation accessories. They are also mass manufactured for a ready-made standard graduation hood and can also be ordered with customizations if one wants it to be.

Along with graduation gowns and caps, graduation hoods can be sold by bulk and can also even be discounted if ordered in sets and packages. And depending on the graduation store, they are also discounted during off-graduation season. 

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There are no really fusses when it comes to choosing an academic graduation hood. For one, it always matches the traditional color of a master’s and doctorate graduation gown which is black and it all has the same designs. The only thing to watch out is to grab the right length of hood and make sure that the satin and velvet linings are colored correctly and accordingly.

For the ones who are graduating from a doctorate degree, congratulations on a very prestigious and high academic achievement. It definitely takes a lot of time, resources and effort just to finish up such a degree. The effort of finishing a doctorate degree should be most credited because at an age where a person should be busy building his or her own family and career, taking up the time to pursue another level of education really requires determination.

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