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The wearing of academic regalia during a graduation ceremony has long been a tradition for several years. These garments are usually worn by graduates who are about to receive their very own diploma. It is a fact that not everyone can have the opportunity to receive such reward. Therefore, when one gets the chance to graduate, make sure to always wear this academic regalia with high pride. Due to the formality that the event requires, there are certain rules that one must be informed upon wearing their academic regalia by the the school. Here are some things that one needs to know when wearing their respective academic regalia.    

As a head start, one must be oriented to the various academic regalia by the school. Generally, there are three different types of academic regalia. There is an academic regalia that is only worn by the graduates of a bachelor's degree, another set of academic regalia exclusively for the master's degree, and another from the doctorate's degree.

The Bachelor's Academic Regalia

What usually consists of the bachelor's regalia is the graduation gown that is worn as how one wear's a long sleeved shirt. Its sleeves much reach into the arms of the wearer, with the rest of the gown falling down at the level between the knee and the ankle. It also consists of a bachelor's cap that is made up of mortarboard which is strategically placed at the crown of one's head, with a tassel attached unto it that is left to dangle either on the left-hand side or on the right-hand side.

The Master's Regalia

Another type of academic regalia by a school that one must be oriented to is the Master's regalia. There are the different meaning of academic regalia colors, it varies in the institution. The garments that are used for a master's regalia may be a bit different from the bachelor's academic regalia. The gown can be worn in the same manner as to how one wear's a bachelor's gown. The only difference is that is that there is a zipper in the front that must be pulled upward in order to prevent the gown from falling on the sides. One might notice that the sleeves may also look a bit different from other graduation gowns since master gown's sleeves have a unique oblong shape with wrist openings. The master's regalia also consists of a graduation hood which is hanged upon the graduate's neck in order to indicate from which school or college the graduate belongs to. To finish off the master's regalia ensemble, a graduation cap must also be placed at the head of the graduate.

The Doctorate's Gown

Last but not the least, the doctorate's gown that is worn by graduates who have earned a higher degree of education, is particularly long. The gown appears to be different from the other types of graduation robes because of the sleeves bell-shaped with horizontal stripes at the sides with various colors. The color depends upon what school the graduate has earned a degree from. It also consists of a doctorate's hood which is typically larger and longer than the master's hood, and instead of a typical graduation cap that is made of the mortarboard, a doctorate's degree holder wears a tam on their head.

No one ever got hurt from acquiring new found knowledge. In order to prevent one's self from being clueless during one's special day, never forget to remember these simple information of the various academic regalia by the school. 

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