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University Academic Graduation Gown Bachelors UK

After a seemingly endless winter, it’s finally spring. Spring means it is time for spring events and celebrations, and graduation! After working hard all semester you finally made it, and it’s time to celebrate. Whether your are graduating from high school, college or grad school, graduation day can be a bit stressful! From styling tips to veteran tips for what not to wear, here at Faviana we have you covered for 10 Tips for Graduation Day.

1. Dress To Impress

You want to mix comfort with style for graduation day. Make sure to dress in age appropriate clothing that is semi-formal and easy to move in, but also shows off your personality! If your graduation gown is white, make sure not to wear patterns that will show through.

2. Decorate Your Cap

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Decorating your cap, if you school allows it, is a really fun way to show your personality on graduation day! In the days leading up to graduation research some cute designs or quotes

3. Pick a Photographer

Make sure you pick someone, a friend or a family member, to be your designated photographer for the event. This will prevent any missed shots with all of the confusion and excitement. Make sure your photographer has a good camera, and plan where they will stand when you walk across the stage, so you know where to look!

4. Bring A Change Of Shoes

Heels look fabulous as you strut across to get your diploma, but they may cause you some trouble later. After graduation family and friends tend to linger for group pictures, so a change of shoes could save you some pain later.

5. Arrive Early

The worst thing you can do is to be late to your graduation! Not only will it stress you out, but will cause your friends and family to miss out on this important event. Plan to arrive a bit early to gather yourself, and this will also ensure your entourage gets a great seat.

6. Cap Ready Hair

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Anyone who has ever graduated will tell you, graduation caps are not the most fashionable hats. They tend to be poorly fitted, and seem to be plotting to squish your hair style. When planning out your graduation day look, make sure you choose a hairstyle that will work with a cap.

7. Sunscreen

If your graduation is outside, make sure you protect your skin! Graduations can be long depending on the class size, so be sure you are not getting a sunburn or weird tan lines while you wait for your name to be called.

8. Stash Your Bag

Plan ahead to have your mom or friend hold your bag during the ceremony, that way when it’s over you will be able to retrieve your things without confusion.

9. Eat Beforehand

Graduations can be long! Make sure you eat a good meal beforehand so your stomach isn’t growling during the ceremony. You could also pack a healthy snack or two in your bag to munch on during photos after the event.

10. Smile!

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These pictures will be in your moms wallet for all of eternity, so make them fabulous! When you pick up your diploma take a few moments to turn and smile, this way your designated photographer can get the perfect shot.

Graduating is a huge accomplishment! Between the ceremony and pictures with friends, there is a lot to be excited about on graduation day.

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