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Unisex Kindergarten Plain Graduation Stole Gold 50 long

Graduation Memories

5 Steps to Build a Graduation Keepsake Box

Ever think about showing off your achievements for everyone to see? Here are 5 steps to enjoy your graduation memories. You can arrange them any which way you please, including changing up the items you chose to save in your keepsake box.

Items needed






Shadow Box  ( can be purchased at any craft store)

Pins ( optional)

Graduation Memories Keepsake Box


Step 1: Open up!

Unwrap your shadow box, and remove all the excess paper.

Graduation Memories Keepsake Box 2

Step 2: Tuck and fold

Carefully fold your graduation gown and place it in within the shadow box frame (no need to be perfect).

Graduation Memories Keepsake Box 9

Step 3: Pin in place!

Pinning your items to assure a secure hold in the display shadow box (optional).

Graduation Memories Keepsake Box 4Graduation Memories Keepsake Box 5Graduation Memories Keepsake Box 6

Step 4: Adding the accessories

Take your accessories (any you choose) and place it on top of the gown.  There is no specific order, it’s, however you’d like to display your achievement.

Graduation Memories Keepsake Box 7

Step 5: Display away!

Close up your shadow box, and you’re ready to display your achievements!

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