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Unisex Doctoral Graduation Tam Black Velvet 4-sided with Gold Bullion Tassel Satin Silk Band

5 Ways to Customize Your Graduation Stoles

Traditionally stoles are decorative sashes that graduates drape around their shoulders. They can signify special academic achievements or membership to a club. There are Greek graduation stoles, valedictorian stoles, and stoles that recognize field-specific achievements. Your stole is worth customizing because it will be a special keepsake from your graduation. Some people even frame them to hang on their walls after the ceremony!

Sometimes they are used to show off extracurricular activities like sports, choirs, or band memberships. Check out the Custom Stole Store at GraduationSource for more information about customizing graduation stoles. In the meantime…

Here are five cool ideas to create an awesome custom stole

custom graduation stoles 1

Have a Crafts Party at Your Fraternity or Sorority

Fraternity and sorority graduation stoles let your Greek brothers and sisters show off your special bond. If operating on a budget, your Greek graduation stoles can be crafted in a DIY fashion. Your group members can make them during your pre-graduation party. Use the space on your blank stoles to share your Greek house, chapter, and graduating class. Use markers, patches, and your imagination to design fraternity/sorority graduation stoles that commemorate your Greek life. If your house was given a larger budget, you can get them professionally and affordably made here.

custom graduation stoles 2

Attach Some Rhinestones

Stick-on gems are another awesome way to decorate your stole, and they only cost a few dollars. Use the rhinestones to spell a special message, your graduating year, your major, or create a fun illustration. For example, if you’re a journalism grad, you can draw a pen, a newspaper, or a cute bookworm with the adhesive gems. Even better, you can also spell out “THIS JUST IN!” on one side and “I GRADUATED” on the other like a news headline.

custom graduation stoles 3

Represent a Social Cause

Next, you can use the stole’s blank canvas to spread the word about a social cause that’s close to your heart. Whether you’re passionate about climate change, world hunger, women’s rights, or something else, your stole can make a statement. You can come up with wording for your stole and then share it with the entire graduating class. Of course, we would recommend you keep your message politically correct to avoid being barred from graduation.

custom graduation stoles 4

Commemorate Your Class

Of course, you’ll need to reserve a special shout-out for your class year, so if you’re the Class of 2017, wear it loud and proud! Over the past four years (or more), you’ve been through a lot with your classmates, tackling challenges and watching each other grow.

custom graduation stoles 6

Professionally Design a Custom Stole

Finally, if you’d like to create a professional custom graduation stole for an upcoming ceremony, visit GraduationSource and they’ll take care of the details. You can choose from 15 different colors of stole and text. In addition, you can choose from embroidery or screen-printing depending upon the look you want. All you need to due is send them your artwork and text, or request they design it from scratch.

While designing your own stole can be fun, the people at GraduationSource do this for a living. They can handle the professional embroidery and screen-printing or, at the very least, provide you with the blank stoles to design on your own. No matter what, you want to show your support for your school, club, volunteer group, or other organization you’re a part of.

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