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Three Steps on How to Wear Academic Dress Hoods

Three Steps on How to Wear Academic Dress Hoods

The eventful day of graduation is one of the most celebrated moments in one's life, especially if one is a recipient of a master's degree. After graduating with a bachelor's degree, an individual has his or her own choice whether he or she wants to further study his or her field of expertise through pursuing a master's degree. It usually takes a year or two to finish a master's degree and can be quite more challenging than that of a bachelor's degree. 

When one is about to graduate with a master's degree, one should never miss an opportunity to wear the academic dress hoods that one is assigned to wear. When one is privileged enough to be a guest in a graduation ceremony, one will really be able to notice some candidates who are dress differently and colorfully than the rest of the candidates. These individuals are the recipient of a master's degree. If one is one of the lucky individuals to be able to graduate with a master's degree but is quite clueless on how to wear one, here are some steps that one can follow:

Step One:

The first thing that one must keep in mind is that the academic hoods are one of the most important garments of one's academic dress hoods. It is one garment that the audience would be much more interested to look at. It cannot be denied that it can be quite embarrassing if one finds some wrinkles in one's academic hood. The only solution to this type of dilemma is to iron the academic hoods properly. Set the iron to low heat, making sure to put a towel underneath the hood when one presses the iron unto tithe towel is placed in order not to destruct the fine material of one's academic hood.

Step Two: 

After successfully ironing the academic dress hood, one is now ready to wear them. Place the academic hood over one's head so that the end tails are draped down the back of one's shoulder. One might notice that there are two academic colors for hoods.  The color of the velvet material pertains to the field or the degree that one is graduating from. On the other hand, the color of the silk material pertains to the official color of the university that one is graduating from. This is the significant academic hood colors meaning. At the bottom portion of one's academic hood that is positioned at the back, one should ask a friend or colleague to help one position the velvet portion to the outside of the hood in order to make it look more visible. Turn it outward away from the gown to make the color more visible

Step Three

Last but not the least, in order to prevent one's academic hood from falling off, they should be fastened in place. Insert the cord of the academic hood into a button of one's shirt or dress in order to put it in place and prevent the hood from riding up on one's neck. In the event that one cannot find any button where one can secure the cord, one can have the option to attach it to the zipper of one's gown.

Keep in mind these simple steps on how to wear one's academic dress hoods in order to prevent one's self from being lost in one's special day

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