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Things To Know About PhD Graduation Cap

Things To Know About PhD Graduation Cap

Graduation day will be next month, are you prepared and ready to receive your diploma that serves your worth? Is everything arranged including your academic regalia? How about your PhD graduation cap? If you are still on the finding process for your cap, there are few things you have to know some things in your cap since it is one of the most eminent and a memorable sign if a person is graduating. 

Aside from the PhD graduation cap there are other types of caps such as what they called graduation tams or graduation hats. This type of headwear can be put on by the graduates if their degree-granting institution will allow so. The graduation cap, by the way, has a meaningful long history. It has been embraced by the people for centuries. Until now, people are still slinging on it to use when graduation day comes. 

Even though that graduation caps including the PhD graduation cap of a variety of types have been used for centuries now, but the traditions still remains, and the style of the caps hasn't changed.  So to value its long history, as a respected PhD graduate, then you should at least know what was really the story behind the graduation cap? There are a few things that you should know about this piece:

The very common style of graduation cap used by graduates today as well as those who will be graduating for PhDs, which referred to as "PhD graduation tams" that are regularly larger, made of black velvet. However, the style of tams is different from the others. It has no average square shape like a cap with mortarboard.

In the Middle Age, the students in the universities were obliged to use clothing that makes them notable that they are residents from the nearby town. Actually, the idea of this type of clothing why medieval students worn it while they studied is that it bears the purpose of participating the clergy. That is why the students' official outfit is composed of like those in the clergy such as clerical robes, hats and the hoods. This was factually a European tradition that has been followed by the American for graduation clothing. In 1895, the United States standardized the graduation attire in which the first applicable colors are gray and black. But hen in 1950, individual color of many educational institutions had been increasing and soon implemented to follow by graduates.

Graduates habitually move their cap tassel from the right to the left as a tradition adapted for many years ago after graduates receive their diploma at the closing stage of the commencement ceremony. In fact, graduates even throw their caps through the air which is also an old yet meaningful tradition. 

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