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The Usual Masters Graduation Colors Used By Universities

The Usual Masters Graduation Colors Used By Universities

Graduating from college marks a special event in your life which you should cherish. Not everybody gets to finish college especially with a masters degree. Thus, it should be taken note that the importance of graduation should be implied with all the preparations that are needed to be done which includes securing the academic regalia which would then be worn on this special life event.

The academic regalia which consist of the graduation gown, academic square cap and the academic hood brings out the traditional symbols of an academic institution which has long been preserved and carried over the years. Throughout the ages, the traditional graduation attire has evolved into something more than symbolic garments buth rather serve a purpose in most graduation ceremonies today. Having different colors incorporated unto the garments make graduation ceremonies more organized as the colors serve as the identifiers on which group or field of study does a graduate belong to.

The same holds true with masters graduation colors. Masters degree will follow the same color scheme as to the field one will be graduating with. For example, a graduate in the field of accounting will be wearing garments of the same color regardless of whether one will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.

Masters graduation colors are usually incorporated in velvet trims of academic hoods while the satin lining hood color is determined by the academic institution attended or if the gown would be of different color aside from the traditional black or white, then the lining will have the same color of the academic gown. Graduates of Masters Degree and Doctorate Degrees on the other hand get to wear metallic colors accompanied with a gold stripe or lining.

Here are some commonly used masters graduation colors with their assigned degrees:

White and Purple are usually reserved for students graduating with a degree in Arts and Law respectively.

Earth colors such as brown, drab, russet, crimson and copper are commonly being used in academic hoods for graduates of Architecture, Fine Arts, Forestry,Journalism and Business degrees.

Shades of green such as olive, sage, peacock and kelly green are used by graduates of Pharmacy, Physical Education, Public Administration and Medicine.

The different academic regalia colors help people who will be attending a graduation ceremony distinguish one degree with another. It helps people know what degree will a student be receiving.Having to wear a unique color gives a graduate confidence during his or her way to receive the diploma and finally finishing school.

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