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The Traditional Graduation Gowns Origin

The Traditional Graduation Gowns Origin

The traditional graduation gowns origin dates back as far as the medieval era. When it comes to the history of these academic graduation gowns, various versions come into place. There may be numerous accounts that emerge in relation to this inquiry, but there are only some narrations that are highlighted and are accustomed by people as the basis of such tradition. 

Graduation gowns are one of the academic pieces that comprise the whole academic regalia. They are long robes that are worn by both students and professors during academic formalities. They come in various colors, styles and shapes depending on the wearer’s degree of education and the academic institution it portrays.  These gowns graduation are associated with academic ceremonies in all levels from nursery to graduates school. They are significant academic pieces and the wearing of these has been a long established tradition. Indeed, they do not only imply the solemn academic event, but the using of them signifies a wider concept. 

There are many accounts when it comes to the graduation gowns origin. One the most featured version of this is how the religious ensemble has become the main influence of it.  During the 12th century, the church’s power has become the voice of almost all aspects in the country.  It controls a lot of sectors and it is basically the source of how the country stands and works as a nation.  There is no question of how influential the church was during this time. And with this fact taken, the idea that the academic gowns were said to be influenced by the religious community was completely understandable. There is a strong resemblance of what the Catholic and Anglican priests or church ministers wore during their religious ceremonies to those worn by scholar during academic formalities; from the headpieces to the stoles to the robes and to the cords that completes both regalia.

Another concept of the graduation gowns origin is how they advanced into academic clothing from normal street clothes. Back then, robes were worn by people as their everyday casual wear. These robes differ from each other in regards to the styles, the type of materials used and the craftsmanship that is applied. These robes became indications to the person’s standing in the society. Rich people were represented by the glamorous robes they wear. Gradually through time, various sectors came out with different models of robes each representing their guilds. The academic society came up with various academic robes each embodying the different levels of education. The bachelors, the masters and the doctorates each have their own respective robes that stand out to the others. The using of a certain robe indicates the academic level that the person possesses.

Without a doubt there are different narrations as to the graduation gowns origin. But what is clear is how this practice had been carried on for years and spread in the different places across the globe. The concept of wearing these robes indeed holds a significant idea for it has been embraced by academic institutions all over the world.

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