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The Purpose of Academic Hoods

The Purpose of Academic Hoods

For your big day in school which is your graduation ceremony, graduates are commonly required to wear pieces of garments which is collectively referred to as the academic regalia. This regalia is generally composed of graduation gowns, academic square caps and academic hoods. The wearing of such garments have been based on tradition which can be traced during the middle centuries. The garments are associated with academic excellence and are great symbols of academic accomplishment particularly a degree in college.

Every piece of garment in the academic regalia has its own particular purpose. In this article, we will solely focus on the purpose of academic hoods. We have all basically seen the standard academic regalia, and most have wondered what these garments are for and their significance in a graduation ceremony particularly the graduation hoods. Hoods are basically the most noticeable garments among all the items of the academic regalia, so it would be understood why many people would get to wonder for their purpose.

Long ago, academic hoods were used to distinguish a student from a particular university from another. Over the course of time, the same principle has been adapted except for some changes. Modern day graduation hoods are used to distinguish and classify graduates according to their field of study or degree. The colors and designs of the hoods determine which group of students does a graduate belong to. On the end of the students, this gives them identity and it makes them feel significant and proud for accomplishing a particular degree.

The same thing goes for graduates of higher degrees. The complexity and more majestic design of their graduation hoods make them different and stand out from the bachelor’s degree graduates. It somewhat exudes power and pride having to wear a different and more special kind of hood.

Aside from them used to classify graduates and giving them identity, the most general purpose of graduation hoods is to aesthetically liven up the ceremony with colorful fabrics. We just could not imagine a graduation ceremony having everyone wear plain graduation gowns which are generally in black. Perhaps the term “graduating with flying colors” has even been coined from the graduation hoods that are worn by the graduates.

Having known the importance of graduation hoods, it is therefore important to purchase hoods which are made out of fine and quality materials. 

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