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The Iconic Image of the Graduation Tams

The Iconic Image of the Graduation Tams

The graduation ceremony is one of the most iconic scenes known to man; it is a concrete expression of academic achievement and the promise that there are still people who believe in education. The pursuit for knowledge is a noble course to take in one’s life and that is why he graduation ceremony is sort of an important event not only for the school but most especially to the candidates who are about to receive their diplomas after all the hard work they have invested over their education. Surely, the wearing of the graduation tams will definitely get these candidates to feel what they have achieved after all these years.

Now that the sentimental part of this occasion is sorted, the business must be set down. The truth of the matter is, the whole graduation preparation process is actually the most crucial part of this period. Everything happens during the span of weeks allotted for the ceremony’s planning and everybody involved should be at top speed and shape. Most of the pressure goes to the candidates since this is their day, although it is a celebration of sorts the traditional part of it—the part of it that is formal and solemn, must always be acknowledged and observed all the time.

There will be quite a number of activities that the candidates must be involved in during the preparation. Although a few weeks might seem like enough time to do all of the tasks and attend all the pre-graduation events, if a candidate does not schedule appropriately then he or she may end up wasting his or her time in the most trivial of things leaving the most important things with lesser time than actually required. A candidate must be conscious of the schedule, tasks like attending the ceremony rehearsals would be a must but securing the academic regalia will always be top priority.

All of the candidates for graduation are mandatorily required to wear the specified graduation dress during the graduation ceremony and with this the candidates may find it easier to understand this case if they know more of the academic regalia. The wearing of the regalia has been made formal for more than a hundred years ago in Oxford, England. The academic regalia that is customary and usual today is actually a design that sprung from that place and that time, talk about being highly traditional. The academic robes, graduation tams, the graduation hoods and all of the others are part of a tradition larger than that of a recent academic tradition.

One iconic image that the graduation ceremony also paints is the candidates wearing their respective graduation tams and tossing them up in the air at the end of the ceremony. This practice is not actually traditional, it is a more recent one that connotes the candidates’ happiness and portrayed as an informal but welcome gesture among most ceremonies held nowadays. Let this day be as iconic and as joyous for all the candidates. Although the preparation will be filled with a little bit of pressure, in the end it will be all for them and their triumph.

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