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The Facts About the Doctoral Academic Regalia

The Facts About the Doctoral Academic Regalia

Getting through PhD education is far from an easy feat, it will test the academic and cognitive ability of an individual. This road to an immense academic pursuit is a hard one but its fruits are definitely worth everything sacrificed. When the candidate dons his or her doctoral academic regalia, he or she will be able to fully realize how much he or she has been waiting for this moment when all his or her hardship will be paid back by his or her hard-earned diploma. The graduation ceremony will prove to be both a joyous and momentous occasion celebrated by all the candidates and the rest of the members of the academe. Through this occasion, the candidate will fully understand how much he or she has achieved with regards to his or her academic pursuit with the added fact that the PhD title is the highest academic achievement that one person can gain from the academic institution. Now that the ceremony will be greatly at hand, the candidates will be expected to be in their busiest state yet especially if the school or university will be giving only a few days for the preparation. However, in some cases, the university could allot a few weeks for this, it really just depends on the school’s schedule.

There will be a number of activities that a candidate will have to attend to during the whole preparation phase and one of them is scouting and scouring for some really good graduation shops in town. What must be reminded among the candidates for graduation is that this activity must be made a top priority and is even advised as the first activity done by every candidate for graduation. The thing is, the candidates must understand that the earlier they can procure their doctoral academic regalia, the better. How is this so? If the candidate will be able to scout for graduation shops at an earlier date then he or she can rid him or herself of a very packed and rushed scouting. Also, this can also increase the chances of the candidate on getting really good quality regalia at a normal retail price.

It is suggested that instead of going for a purchase, the candidate might want to go for a rental. For one, the regalia will only be worn once for a couple of hours and going for a rental would cost definitely less than going for a purchase. The quality of the regalia is such an important thing to take note of when the candidate is trying on  the regalia set for a fitting. The candidate must check the regalia first before deciding on renting or purchasing it since looking one’s best is such an essential thing during the ceremony.

The doctoral academic regalia could actually cost more than the regular bachelor’s or master’s degree regalia since it would be more grand, it would be made of heavier and more expensive materials. In addition to that, the cap would be a tam made of felt and the graduation hood would be in its biggest size.

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