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The Different Designs and Details of Academic Hoods

The Different Designs and Details of Academic Hoods

Academic regalia, worn by candidates and faculties during graduation day, are the common clothing that we see. They step with this attire in different colored academic hoods, head pieces, and tassels as they march towards the stage. Wearing of regalia has been a long-established tradition for centuries. Though it has been affected by several new styles, but the meaning remains.

To avoid uncertainty, it is important for all graduates to know the sequence of academic hoods. All at once, this piece of clothing is used by the candidates in the academic occasion, in spite of the reality that academic hoods are worn both by the students and professors in similar way. However, these may differ in shapes to classify the standing of the wearer as either a student or a member of the faculty.

In particular to the academic hoods, these pieces are one of the imperative components to wear in graduation. It varies when it comes to selection of fabrics in producing them. The role that these type of hoods play for the graduation can be very crucial as they show definite functions and meaning. By and large, there are 3 main points that compose a conventional academic hood, and these are:

The styles of the academic hoods are recognized into 3 groups as a rule.

Every hood is designed with a dissimilarity that is unique in every hood especially in their shapes, though it can be determined right away.

The size of the academic hoods corresponds to the hood's degree whether it is for bachelor's hood, master's hood, and doctoral hood. Whatever the respective degree you hold, besides the difference of the velvet color, the hoods also diverge in terms to sizes and shapes at the same time. The main fabric use for the hood is typically available in black color. Black is major color in the preponderance of academic hoods, on the other hand, there are a number of universities that entail special colors for the hood to connect it with the color of their robes.

Specifically for the doctor's academic hood, the right velvet color for the PhD is commonly dark blue. Those who have finished a degree of Doctor of Education will use light blue color for their velvet, while those who hold PhD in English will receive dark blue velvet. Candidates for PhD Doctor in Engineering will also receive dark blue velvet, but for the non-PhD in Engineering will get gold color velvet.

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