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The Different Academic Regalia PhD Colors

The Different Academic Regalia PhD Colors

Graduation is a special and solemn event. This is celebrated with friends, family and professors that shares to the joy that the occasion provides. Aside from the highlighted activities such as the academic procession and the handling out of the diplomas, the wearing of the academic attire is also looked forward to. The academic regalia are the most closely related element that is associated to the occasion. During the event, various colors of academic robes, caps and hoods fill the scene and somehow, they contribute to the special atmosphere that the celebration supplies. The differences of these academic regalia do not only include its overall structure, but also its simple elements such as its colors. Like any other academic attire, the academic regalia PhD colors also vary from each other implying several things.

Basically, the difference of colors to these academic regalia would strongly suggest the particular field of discipline that the wearer posses. Other than this, the academic institution also has a big part as to the implementation of this practice. The academic regalia PhD colors mostly denote the specific degree of discipline that the wearer holds for each academic degree corresponds to a certain shade of color and this is usually exhibited in the color of the robes, hoods and hats.

During the ceremony proper, candidates are usually lined up or grouped together according to their field of discipline. With this, the whole ceremony would likely to show up with various colors filling the auditorium. This way, graduates are easily identified as to the colors of academic regalia that they carry. The doctoral gown is known with its sleeve chevrons and velvet panel features. The academic regalia PhD colors are typically seen displayed within these regions of the gown and they usually signify the degree of discipline or specialty. In some instances, the academic institution may designate a degree through the variance of the velvet trim colors. 

For instance, the shade of purple would most likely correspond to the degree of Law and Jurisprudence. Philosophy, Political Science and Social Ethics corresponds to the shade or dark blue. Specialty in various divinity courses coincides with the scarlet colors such as Sacred Theology, Theology, Divinity and Canon Law. The shade of drab on the other hand highlights business related courses namely, Accounting, Business Administration, Business Education, Commerce, Commercial Science and Industrial and Labor Relations. Mathematics, Philanthropy, Military Science, Political Science, Environmental Science and Criminology goes with the shade of Science gold of which its name suggests, mainly relates to science related degrees. These are just few of the many colors that are connected to a particular discipline. 

During the commencement exercise, these shades can be seen adorned in several parts of the academic regalia. Indeed, these colors imply more than the basic visual involvement. More than this, they accent the individual’s specialty or field of interest.

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