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The Advantages of a Used Academic Regalia

The Advantages of a Used Academic Regalia

The idea of using a set of used academic regalia may be unappealing but it is the most practical way of saving money during the whole process of the graduation preparation. The candidates for graduation are all required to have their regalia sets with them and they must wear it on the day of the graduation. The graduation ceremony is one big academic tradition that is observed at the end of the academic year. This occasion testifies that the academic institution is successfully carrying out its mission and vision by producing another batch of worthy individuals that have passed all the requirements that their respective colleges have placed unto them. Since this occasion will be quite a momentous and important one for the whole academe, everybody involved and present for the ceremony is expected to look and feel their best

One of the many things that this occasion cites as a tradition would be the wearing of the academic regalia. The wearing of the academic regalia or graduation attire  originated from the practice that was done by Oxford University over a hundred years ago. Since then, the wearing of the regalia has been done by all academic institutions in the world to the point that every candidate is expected to wear his or her own academic regalia on the day of the ceremony.

What every candidate must be able to fully understand is that it is essential that he or she will be able to secure his or her own regalia before the upcoming ceremony. The time that will be given for graduation preparation usually spans for a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the schedule of the university or the school. During this time, the scouting for graduation shops and suppliers should be the topmost priority and the rest of the activities can take its course with its own schedule.

It is again emphasized that the candidate can always choose the option of getting an used academic regalia since it would be more practical for a budget-conscious individual. However it is highly suggested that a candidate opt to get a reservation and rent the regalia and actually purchasing it since this will only be used once and a few hours to that. Renting the regalia also cost so much less than purchasing it. The candidate must view shops and the quality of the merchandise they are offering with utmost scrutiny so that he or she can make sure that he or she will get his or her money’s worth.

Overall, the graduation ceremony deserves only the best out of everything. It is the task of every candidate to look and feel his or her best on this day especially that this will be the day that the candidates’ alma mater will honor them in front of everyone to see. A good quality used academic regalia will be the epitome of a person being at his or her best. This part of the ceremony should not be neglected; in fact, this should be one area that every candidate must pay a good amount of attention to.

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