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How to Write the Best Graduation Card

Below, we’ve shared a few handy tips for what to write in a graduation card. You’ll want to honor this special moment and connect with your graduate. Your words should help give them the courage they need to start the next chapter of their life’s journey.

graduation card 1

Start with a Rough Draft

When first deciding what to say in a graduation card, grab a notepad and a pen. To begin, just start writing down whatever comes to mind. During this initial phase, don’t censor yourself or spend too much time thinking about the wording or grammar. The purpose of your draft is to figure out what to say, next you can figure out how to say it. Whittle down your initial thoughts until you end up with a concise passage that expresses how you feel with exactness.

graduation card 2

Provide Encouragement

Graduation cards should be uplifting, congratulatory, and loving, so don’t waste any time sharing your excitement. Tell the graduate that you’ve always believed in them, and you can’t wait to see the amazing things they’ll accomplish! List the graduate’s incredible qualities, from their intelligence to their creativity. Remind them how special they are. In today’s world, everyone hears that they aren’t special, and they may start to believe it. Let your graduate know that they are and detail why.

graduation card 3

Share Your Wisdom

Next, you can use the graduation card to impart some real-world advice from your personal experiences. Perhaps you have a kernel of wisdom to give them about business, love, or personal fulfillment. Maybe your graduate had a hard time that they are fighting through, and you can assure them that you made it, and so will they. When narrowing down what to say in a graduation card, try to be as honest with your graduate as you can. Share advice that you think they’re ready to receive, so avoid overly touchy subjects if possible. Words on this topic are another way to show you’ll always be there as a mentor, friend, and companion.

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Let Out Your Poetic Side

Besides sharing practical advice, a graduation card gives you the freedom to use flowery language, metaphors, and imagery as you see fit. You can paint a picture with language and translate the deep love and gratitude you have for the grad. If you feel like getting spiritual or religious, you can use the card to share your faith as well. When deciding what to write in a graduation card, there’s no wrong answer, so feel free to explore the medium and be true to yourself.

graduation card 5

Complement Your Card with a Gift

Finally, you can pair the card with a thoughtful gift that you know the graduate will enjoy. Family and close friends will often put spending money inside the card. Either cash or a check can be a great idea if the grad is planning a summer trip. For a little more excitement, take a look at GraduationSource’s selection of themed apparel and keepsakes.

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