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Summer to-do list (1) for high school graduates

Would you like to feel motivated to learn new things, do something interesting and accomplish worthwhile goals? You can use this summer to make all of these come into true.

Ways for planning your most meaningful summer

1.Take a visit to another country

Don’t be afraid of language and culture problems. You are already a grown-up man and you should believe that the incredible adaption in you to new environment.

 2.Get a job

Summer job is often a rite of passage for a teen. It’s the signal that you’re on your way to adulthood, and it’s also a method for earning money to pay for activities, interests or your next term tuition.

3.Make dinner for your family

Collect some easy dinner ideas and choose 2-4 from them and take actions.

There are lots of benefits for family members eating together. Your parents will be delighted to see the dishes.

4.Start a band

I guess starting a band is both fun and tricky, although I haven’t attempted when I were your age. There is only one thing I think you need to confirm, which is, everyone in your band must be able to play instrument or sing. Good luck to you.

5 Volunteer in your community

Would you like to make a difference for elderly person in your community?

You can find enjoyment and fulfillment in helping to make a real difference to the lives of older people who are otherwise isolated from family and friends.

6 Preparing for the upcoming graduation ceremony

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