Significance Of A Graduation Tassel Side And How Tt Is Worn Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

Significance Of A Graduation Tassel Side And How Tt Is Worn

Significance Of A Graduation Tassel Side And How Tt Is Worn

Graduation is one of the main highlights of our life. It represents achievement and dedication, and the ceremony itself has lots of symbolism based on very traditional practices. One main symbolism is the Graduation tassel side; there is always that part of the Graduation ceremony wherein the candidates are conferred and then they flip the tassels from the right side to the left side which symbolizes that the certain student is now a Graduate and deserves to receive the title and diploma bestowed upon him or her.

It is a simple gesture really, flipping your tassel from one side to the other. Yet the simple act symbolizes your transition from candidate to graduate. Meaning, you are now certified to go out onto the real world! 

Tassels are put on top of the Graduation cap and just hang on one side during the whole Graduation ceremony. Your graduation tassel side does not remain in one side for long since you have to flip it during the course of the ceremony.

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So how do you put on your tassels for Graduation?  No worries, Lescapsgown will provide you a step by step process on how to do it.

1. First and foremost, you have to remove the  cap and tassel from our package and prepare it for your use.

2. Locate the button of your graduation cap which is usually at the center and wrap the cord of your tassel around it. Be sure to secure the cord beneath the button, also make sure that the tassel hangs evenly on the side of your cap.

3. Try to put on your graduation cap on your head and lay the tassel hanging      on the right side of your head. Be sure that the tassel can move from one side to the other since you are going to flip it sometime during the Graduation ceremony.

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