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Graduation Gift Guide 2018

Graduation is a time to celebrate, and grads deserve a reward for all their hard work. When buying a gift for a graduate, try to come up with something that’s fun and practical. Your gift should equip your grad to handle the next chapter of their life, but also support enjoying themselves along the way. Our graduation gift guide will get your wheels turning, so you can pick the perfect gift for your child, relative, or close friend.


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A Camping Backpack & Airplane Ticket

There’s a good chance that your grad will want to explore the world and satisfy their wanderlust. After four years of studying, they may need a break, so give them the tools to make it happen! Every seasoned traveler needs a road-ready backpack with plenty of space for clothes, toiletries, books, and a sleeping bag. Backpacks are better for long journeys because they give you greater mobility than a rolling suitcase. Can you imagine rolling one of those through the woods on a camping trip? Neither can we. A quality REI backpack and an open-ended plane ticket are the best gifts a graduate can ever receive.

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Homemade Recipe Box

As your graduate moves into their apartment and adapts to adulthood, they’ll need to start cooking more meals for themselves. Instead of leaving them in the wild to fend for themselves, provide them with a compass to the kitchen. Ask each family member and close friend to write down their favorite recipe and then package them together in a personalized recipe box. This way, your grad can learn how to make mom’s famous soup, grandma’s cookies, and dad’s chili. Bring a little taste of home into their adult life!

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Picture Keeper Connect

These days, most people take photos with their smartphones, but it’s easy to lose the files if they’re not backed up in the cloud. Get the Picture Keeper Connect to ensure that your grad goes off into the real world with a secure storage solution. The app backs up your grad’s photos on a separate USB drive with an extremely user-friendly app. They just plug it into their phone or tablet, click the “Start Backup” button, and watch as their photo albums (and contacts) are stored for safe keeping.

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Graduation Jewelry

At Graduation Source, we believe that graduation day isn’t limited to conventional caps and gowns. If you want to send your loved one off into the world with a gorgeous keepsake, we recommend our themed gold and silver jewelry. Made and assembled in the USA with 14-carat gold and silver plating, we inscribe our necklaces and charm bangles with inspirational phrases for your grad. Remind them to “Embrace the Journey” and “Live the Life You Imagine.”

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graduation gift ideas for adults

Additional Gift Ideas

For additional graduation gift ideas check out our other articles above. One is for preschool and kindergarten graduates. The other is for college grads. We hope you find a gift idea you like!

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