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4 Common Job Search Mistakes

If the college grad job search feels like an endless string of rejection, you might be taking the wrong approach. Hiring managers want to find the right person for the job, but if you’re making rookie mistakes, they won’t be able to look past them. Below, we’ve shared how to find a job after college and avoid common stumbling blocks in the interview process, so you give a great first impression.

job search mistakes - spelling errors

Spelling Errors

A few innocent typos never hurt anyone, right? Maybe in high school, but not during the college grad job search. Before sending out your resume and cover letter, take the time to proofread your work with a fine-tooth comb. We recommend sending it to a trusted friend or family member to read as well so that you have a second set of eyes. This job search mistake is one of the most common that graduates make, but it’s also the easiest one to fix.

job search mistakes - cover letter

Not Including a Cover Letter

Every job posting is different, but you should always tailor a cover letter to the specific position you’re applying for. Many hiring managers will throw out applications that don’t have a cover letter attached. Cover letters give you a chance to introduce yourself and share what you bring to the table, but in a letter format that’s more personable than a traditional resume. When navigating how to find a job after college, it’s a good idea to offset your lack of resume experience with a quality cover letter.

job search mistakes - too much info

Sharing Too Much Information

Your resume and cover letter are like a sales pitch, but it’s not persuasive if you include job experience and skills that aren’t relevant to a position. Focus on the previous employment, internships, and academics that directly relate to the job description. You want to emphasize key details that can bring value to a company, and remove anything that distracts from that information. That high school job as a camp counselor probably isn’t important when applying for a job in marketing, for example.

job search mistakes - poor research

Not Learning About the Company

products, and mission statement. Research can help when you’re positioning your skills in a written application. It’s also incredibly helpful in the interview phase. Hiring managers love to meet people who are genuinely interested in the company’s goals. However, there’s a fine line between doing your homework and being a brownnoser.

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