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Wearing Graduation Gowns

5-Steps to Ensure You Wear Your Graduation Gown Correctly

Do you need instructions for how to put on your gown? Probably not.

But we thought that you might benefit from a few easy steps and bunch of extra commentary. Graduating is a big deal. Whether or not it’s fully hit you yet, it will soon. Not everyone graduates from high school and even less from college. In the US an average of  ~83% of students graduate from high school in the US. Depending on where you live in the US that number could be as low as 59%. When it comes to college graduation rates are about ~60% (and that’s after six years, not four).

So whether or not you’re excited about your graduation day, we sure are! We’re in the business of recognizing your achievements, and by god, with your help, we’re gonna make it a celebration! We want to make sure you look great when you take that walk down the aisle and across the stage as the flashes on cameras go off like the twinkling of midnight stars.

Graduation Gown Instructions

How do I wear my graduation gown?

Make sure you follow any of your school’s special instructions on graduation gowns and procedures. Check the packaging to make sure you have the proper attire.

If you picked up your gown in advance, great, remove that bad boy from its package and put it on a hanger ASAP. You’ll want to get it out of its packaging so that it has time to settle and smooth. Straight out of the package a gown can have fold-lines and creases.

Plan the outfit you will wear under your gown. Your feet will show underneath your gown, so plan something either that does not show (such as a dress) or something that doesn’t clash with your school colors. White, black or tan shoes usually go with all academic attire. Remember, at some schools, a tie will show underneath your robe, so plan accordingly.

Place your gown on you as though you were putting on a jacket.

Zip up the front of the gown.

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