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Job Opportunities for Economics Majors

For the math-minded, a degree in economics may be a logical college and career choice. But despite the name, not all professions that require economics have to do with money. There are different types of economists out there. In addition to finances, many deal with behavior, psychology and other aspects of social science. The field of economics is quite versatile. It is an ideal degree for people with a talent for numbers, analysis and critical thinking. Here are five interesting jobs you can get with an economics degree.

Jobs For Economics Majors 1

Forensic Accountant

If you have an inner Sherlock Holmes waiting to get out, this might be the corner of economics for you. Forensic accountants dig through financial records to find discrepancies, anomalies and evidence of misconduct. They work for both public and private employers. You might work for the police, private investigators or banks. For this reason, your job may require appearing in court as an expert witness.

Jobs For Economics Majors 2


The phrase “crunching numbers” does not even begin to describe the work of statisticians. They gather, analyze and interpret numerical data for a number of reasons, some of which can have big social repercussions. For example, statisticians often formulate plans for effectively collecting data. Consequently, you may help compile student test scores, then analyze the results and make recommendations. Recommendations to government agencies such as a potential need for curriculum changes to better educate their students.

Jobs For Economics Majors 3

Data Analyst

Similar to statisticians, data analysts need a talent for organization and an ability to track results to affect the bigger picture. Presently, data analysts may work in higher education, business intelligence, finance, marketing or sales. An analyst usually works with a team of experts in complementary fields. Strong communication skills are vital in this area of economics.

Jobs For Economics Majors 4


This profession is a broad-range view of the study of economics. Economists analyze data through the lens of various theories in order to tease out trends in a variety of fields, such as taxes, salaries, interest rates and international development. They use advanced software to predict fluctuations or plateaus for resources or finances. Economists are able to apply many economic principles to questions that, on the surface, don’t seem to have anything to do with financial concerns at all. Presumably, people who enjoy psychology might be interested in becoming a behavioral economist.

Jobs For Economics Majors 5

Investment Analyst

These are the people who watch trends and values on the stock market, among other places. They advise banks, venture capitalists and even entire governments about the validity of investment values and potentials. Investment analysts counsel traders, fund managers and stock brokers about when investments should be bought and sold to ensure a well-rounded portfolio for thousands of clients. Employers might be banks, nonprofit organizations, pension funds or wealthy individuals.


These are just a few of the options for employment that one can obtain with a degree in economics. There are dozens of niche areas where the skills of an economist would be valuable to the employer, either in the public or private sector. As a result, Economists are in high demand. Consequently, this degree is highly practical and versatile for a student with a proclivity for math and a keen eye for detail.

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