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Wearing Honor Cords

4-Steps to Properly Wear Your Graduation Cord

Plus a few more steps to ensure you get the right one.

Not everyone gets the chance to wear one of these bad boys. Graduation Honor Cords are typically only for those who have graduated with Honors. If you want one, make sure you study hard and get those straight A’s! It’s pretty impressive to identify yourself and other classmates as a top-performers. Wearing a cord also comes with the bonus of making you easier to spot in the crowd!

Sometimes clubs, student governments, band or orchestra members, sports teams, and other such groups show their group membership by wearing different color cords to show membership in their respective student organizations. If you’ve ever seen a student draped in several cords at once, their school probably participates in this fun tradition. Honoring students for their extra-curricular activities can be just as important as recognizing them for their grades.

Graduation Cord Instructions

Graduation Cord Instructions

How do I wear my honor cord?

  1. First, take your graduation cord (or graduation cords if there are many) out of its packaging.

  2. Then drape it over your neck and across your shoulders (though we should note, you should probably be wearing your graduation gown already).

  3. Look in the mirror and check your graduation cord(s) to make sure that they fall evenly on both sides down the outside of your gown.

  4. Pin the cord(s) in place with a safety pin in the back at right below the neckline or underneath your hood to ensure that the cords do not slip out of place or fall off.

Graduation Cord Instructions

How do I order my honor cord?

The best way to order a correct honor cord would be to contact your school to find out if they will be providing you with one. Sometimes cords are used for more than just Honor students. If you’re graduating with High Honors (in college this is referred to in Latin; Magna and Summa Cum Laude), you will need a double honor cord instead of the standard single honor cord. Other times such additional honors may be represented by presenting a student with an Honor Medal instead of a graduation cord.

As mentioned before, some organizations such as sports teams, specific degree programs, and other school associations order different color cords to show that you are a member. Make sure you know if your school or club is providing cords before rushing out to grab one for yourself.

Graduation Cord Instructions

Where do I order my graduation honor cord?

Usually, we advise you place your order in advance. However, if you are nearing the end of your school term and still waiting on your grades, it’s best to know in advance if you will be an honor student when it comes time to graduate. Most schools will instruct you where to order your cord – such as through a student ordering portal. For college students, more times than not, you order your graduation cord (and additional graduation regalia) through the college bookstore. In some, less frequent instances, a school may instruct you to find and order your own. Websites like Lescapsgown have a great selection of quality honor cords.

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