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How-To-Wear Your Honor Stole

5-Steps to Properly Wear Your Stole

(& a few more steps towards ensuring it looks great when you do)

Traditionally, just like with the honor cords, you must have aced your tests all year long to have earned this mark of distinction.  The graduation honor stole is what it describes in its name; it’s a piece of regalia meant to show that you are an honor student. From time to time schools do give out stoles to everyone as a matter of making the whole graduation outfit more impressive, although most will still do something a little extra for the students graduating with high honors.

How do I wear my honor stole?

Take the stole out of the packaging and make sure it is the correct color.

Unfold it, so the two points are parallel to each other,

Place the stole around your neck with the two points hanging in front of your gown evenly.

Adjust the stole to make sure this is the outermost layer of your regalia and laying flat in all areas including around the back of your neck.

Resist the urge to throw one corner around your neck or create a fancy bow of some sort; it’s not a scarf silly

Where do I order my honor stole?

Almost all of the time your school will provide you with your well-deserved honor stole. Rarely they will tell you to purchase your own. Schools usually like the privilege of bestowing upon it’s highest scoring graduates the stole in a ceremony or graduation. There are some other reasons you might be asked to order your stole. The most common of which is being part of a club or select group of students involved in a particular activity of academic or social activity that deserves recognition. In those cases, they may request that you order on behalf of your club. Websites like have a great selection of affordable, high-quality stoles.

How can I customize my honor stole?

The majority of schools stick with the standard honor stole in the color gold. Others tend to get a bit creative. If assigned the task of being creative, it’s time to get those artistic juices flowing. Many graduation companies also offer fully customized stoles that have your school or club names and logos imprinted or embroidered on them. Some companies may not offer them directly on their websites. Some let your order directly, and others let you query more information with a request form. So definitely give them a call to see before you order. Make sure you have a high-quality digital image of whatever it is you want on your stole. That way you won’t have to pay for any artwork fee’s and will probably be able to get a cheaper quote relatively quickly.

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