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Tassel Year Charm Changes / Removals

Some may believe tassels become useless after graduation once the year has passed. However, the tassel year charm (also known as a signet) can easily be removed and reapplied to the tassels. Graduation coordinators, don’t allow left over tassels to collect dust! Recycle them and reorder year charms directly from GraduationSource.

Step 1

Examine your tassel and signet to make sure the color and year are correct. Since you are reading this tutorial, it probably isn’t your desired year

Step 2

Remove from plastic packaging and pry open the hook on your tassel clasp using your fingers or tool and remove current year charm.

Here is an easy trick: Lift year charm and gently twist to the right while firmly holding the clasp. This will open the small loop and you can easily remove the year charm.

Step 3

If you would like to keep the tassel in its protective sleeve, secure loop around a finger and carefully pull tassel from the bottom opening until year charm is exposed. Continue steps 3 and 4 if you are adding a new charm onto the tassel. Otherwise, press hook closed and slide protective sleeve back down the length of the tassel.

Step 4

Slide the signet onto the hook making sure your year is facing outward.

adding signet

Step 5

Press the hook closed. If you are having trouble closing the clasp, use a hard surface (such as the side of a table) to push it shut.

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