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Shiny Black Graduation Hat with Tassel Year Charm 2017

Top 5 Places to Travel After Graduation

Graduation is a time to celebrate, to put the real world on hold for a while, and do some soul searching. It’s also the perfect time to travel before job hunting. Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite graduation trip ideas. Break out of your comfort zone and have a real adventure along the way! Whether you’re finishing high school or college, these five destinations will have you thinking from a new perspective. Hopefully, you’ll meet plenty of like-minded travelers along the way.

Southeast Asia

top places to travel - southeast asia

This location is quintessential for the backpacker experience. There’s a good reason why young people keep trekking to this part of the world. Southeast Asia is affordable, gorgeous, and unlike anywhere else. We recommend starting with Thailand or Singapore, just to get your bearings. From there, venture into more challenging countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, or Myanmar. With hostels that run less than $10 a night, delicious street food, and pristine beaches, you might not want to fly home.

New Zealand

top places to travel - new zealand

The land of Frodo and the Flight of the Concords tops our list for graduation trip ideas. Mainly, because it’s extremely easy to navigate. There are incredible bus networks and local airlines that hit almost every destination. New Zealand’s natural beauty is unbeatable. We recommend renting a car and spending most of your time in the South Island. That way, you can visit many of the famous hiking (or “tramping”, in Kiwi parlance) trails at your pace.


top places to travel - japan

If you’re looking for college graduation trip ideas that will stimulate your mind, Japan is the place to go. You’ll find a culturally rich mixture of chaotic cities, peaceful temples, dramatic landscapes, and incredible food. Japanese people are especially welcoming to tourists, especially when they show an interest in the language and culture. We recommend starting in Tokyo, taking the shinkansen (or “bullet train”) to Kyoto, and then moving farther south.


top places to travel - peru

Like Southeast Asia, South America has a reputation for budget-friendly travel, beautiful scenery, and friendly locals. We recommend starting in Peru, which has a wealth of sightseeing (like Machu Picchu, for starters) and exceptional food. Get to know the lively city of Lima, hike the Colca Canyon (the deepest on Earth), and enjoy some of the best beaches on the continent.


Last but not least, Europe offers a wealth of graduation trip ideas to choose from, depending on your interests. You can get lost in romantic cities like Paris and Rome, relax on a perfect beach in the Greek Islands, go hiking on El Camino de Santiago in Spain, and visit the coolest techno clubs in Berlin. There’s so much to see in Europe that you could easily plan a 6-month backpacking trip. However, if you only have a few weeks to spare, we recommend choosing one or two countries and savoring each in its turn.

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