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Inspecting Your Graduation Venue

5 Areas to Check On

Well, you’re almost ready for graduation. Are you excited? We know you are! So are the students, parents, and staff. This is a big day and everyone thanks you for all of your hard work. Just a few more details and soon you’ll be seeing those proud students receive their diplomas. It’s time for the graduation venue inspections, to make sure everything is “just right.”

Inspecting Your Graduation Venue 1

Cleaning of Venue

The graduation coordinator can hire a cleaning crew to polish and clean the entire venue. It can be done a day before the graduation or a few hours before the actual event. The coordinator can personally oversee the cleanup, or an appointed person can oversee the cleaning of the venue. Remember if you choose an appointed person, to give them a list of key points to go over to confirm that the venue is “good to go” for the big day.

If the school wants to save some money, the graduation coordinator can just instruct the school maintenance crew or the janitors to assist in the cleaning of the venue. If this event is in fact at the school, they will need to coordinate with the janitorial staff.

When the event is at a rented venue, they should ensure that everything is cleaned and set up, and likewise cleaned and dissembled at the end. This is one of the conveniences of choosing an outside venue. After finishing the cleanup process, we recommend that the coordinator can make the final inspection to see if everything is perfect for the graduation ceremony.


Trust your cleaning crew but we do recommend that you check in both before and after to be certain that everything is ready for graduation day as you expect it to be.

Inspecting Your Graduation Venue 2

Sound Systems

Inspect the sound system components, such as the speakers and the microphones. The sound is critical to the success of your event. Every parent will be listening for the call of their child’s name as they walk across that stage. To have the sound system not work for speeches, diploma presenting or to play music would be a disaster!

Check the wiring and sound cables to see if they are properly hidden to avoid any accidents or mishaps. The last thing a graduation coordinator wants to see is a student or a guest tripping over a cable during the ceremony.

During the last minute inspections, place the microphone stands and the speakers where you need them.


Try to have your technician on hand for checking the sound system, so any “tweaks” can be fixed.

Inspecting Your Graduation Venue 3


If the venue for the graduation ceremony is in an open outdoor area within the school grounds, the lighting will not be a real issue. However, if it is indoors, you have to thoroughly inspect the lighting.

The graduation coordinator can work with a technical lighting staff to make sure that all the lights are working perfectly to avoid any future problems. Small graduation ceremonies would not require too much lighting. However, a large school with a big graduating class with probably have a more detailed lighting system. No matter your lighting system, confirm it is working to your satisfaction and ready for graduation.


Prepare your lighting system and inspect in. Consider having extra light bulbs on hand (or ask the venue) if you can.

Inspecting Your Graduation Venue 4


It is best to inspect the rows of seating and chairs. First, you want to be sure that you have plenty to accommodate your guests, the parents, and families who will come to graduation. The other concern is looking for any broken or tippy chairs that could cause injury when sat on.

These inspections are also crucial so that the coordinator can rent or call for additional seating if needed. Before the ceremony starts, all chairs and row dividers should already be where they need to be.


Ask for help from your graduation committee with this inspection if you have many chairs and tables to look at.

Inspecting Your Graduation Venue 5


The graduation coordinator has to inspect all the decorations you plan to place in and around the venue. You’ll want to confirm that they follow the layout and also that they are secure in their placements. No coordinator wants decorations that could fall down or cause an accident. You don’t want an embarrassing situation, like the banner falling onto a graduate during their walk across the stage.

Remember that you as the coordinator have the authority to make last-minute decisions about the decorations. If you feel there are too many of them or that if some of them could fall and cause an injury then it is your call to remove them. Students often have fun decorating for graduation but they may not be thinking of these things when they hang them. Try to move decorations when you can, but remove if necessary.


Prepare by bringing scissors, tape, and thumbtacks with you to the venue should you need to move/remove/secure any decorations.

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