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Free Gown Sample Qualification Process

You may have noticed our “Free Cap and Gown Sample” offer on the website and thought “Wow! I can just get a free cap and gown without any commitments?” The answer is, yes, but there are a few requirements and not everyone will qualify for a free gown.

free graduation gown sample kit

Minimum of 10 Graduates

In order to get the full sample kit, you must have a graduating class of 10 or more. Less than 10 graduates? No problem! We can still send you product swatches, a catalog and ordering materials. Please speak with one of our dedicated sales or customer care reps if you are interested.

free graduation gown sample kit

Employed at a School

If you are a staff or faculty member of a school, you are qualified for either a free sample of our product and planning kit. We made these packages specifically for graduation coordinators. We will only ship Items to school addresses only.

free graduation gown sample kit

Relevant Business or Organization

Once we can verify you work for a legitimate company interested in using or selling our products, you will qualify for the sample. Please note the sample must ship to that business address.

free graduation gown sample kit

Valid Physical School or Business Address

If you submit a sample request with residential addresses and P.O Boxes we will disqualify it automatically. You’ll be sent an email requesting an address that meets our requirements shortly thereafter.

free graduation gown sample kit

W-9 or Business License

If you are a homeschool or work out of your home, no worries! Once you provide us with a W-9, Home School Tax ID or business license of your school or organization, we can authorize the sample to be shipped directly to your home.

free graduation gown sample kit

You Want to Resell Our Products

We not only service tens of thousands of schools, and millions of individuals, but also a select group of licensed resellers. If you are interested in becoming a reseller or affiliate, please speak with someone in our sales team, and we will send you a special reseller sample kit. If applicable, please send us your SAGE or ASI # for instant qualification.

free graduation gown sample kit

You are NOT a Student or Parent

Free samples are designated for graduation coordinators and businesses to view before placing a bulk order. The planning kit is not for individuals looking to score a free cap and gown! While we know sometimes parents are tasked with graduation planning through the PTA or similar organizations, we unfortunately can’t send samples to them, unless they are being sent to the school. Same with students, we know senior class members in student government and other groups may be a part of the process, we still cannot send a free sample anywhere other than a school’s main office. Sorry!

free graduation gown sample kit

Located in the Contiguous United States

Our ceremony planning kits can only be shipped for free if you are in the contiguous USA. However, we are still willing to send out free sample kits worldwide with a reasonable shipping fee. Please contact us by email ( or phone (800-352-6162) if you are an international customer.

free graduation gown sample kit

Apply for Your Free Sample Kit Today!

Our complete ceremony planning kit is extremely valuable when planning your graduation. If you feel you may be disqualified based on our requirements, please contact our customer care team for further assistance. We are here to help every step of the way.

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