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Matte White Graduation Cap Gown

We offer four types of academic hoods with different sub-styles per category (except for Associate Shields). Figuring out how to order the correct hood may seem so confusing to you soon-to-be alums, but we’re here to help! Keep reading to view a full list of our academic hoods with descriptions.

What is the difference between deluxe and premium hoods?


The main difference is that the shell of the deluxe hood is dull satin polyester while the premium finish is matte polyester.

Four Types of Hoods Based on Degree Level

The first type we offer is an Associate Shield. Technically, it is not a hood like it’s academic counterparts, but you can customize school colors in the lining and chevron. This shield represents the completion of your two year or associates degree. Not all institutions recognize this piece of regalia, so please check to make sure you require this product before purchasing.


The next type we offer is the Bachelor Hood. When you graduate from a four-year program and participate in the ceremony, you typically will be required to wear this hood. We offer two types of bachelor hoods; the deluxe and the premium styles. These are the smallest of all the hoods which run about 3 feet long.


Thirdly, we have a Master’s Hood. When graduating from a six-year degree, you become a master of that art or science you have been studying. Similar to Bachelor’s you have the option of choosing between the deluxe and premium hood. These hoods are slightly larger at 3.5 feet long.


Lastly, for the most educated and prestigious students, we have our Doctorate Hood. Upon receiving your Ph.D. or Doctorate degree, your normally will be required to wear this hood. Wearing this piece of regalia shows you have completed the highest level of education. You may choose between deluxe or premium and this hood sits the longest at 4 feet.


 How do I really know if I am ordering the correct hood?

The best way to ensure you are ordering the correct hood would be to contact your school to find out the lining and chevron colors (1st and 2nd school colors). If you have attended multiple schools, please choose the colors based on the highest level school you completed. Since the velvet color is typically chosen based on your field of study, a faculty member may not be able to help you with that. Once you are confident with your chevron and lining selections, choose a velvet color based on the hood degree color chart below.

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