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Graduation Planning 101

The Essential Graduation Survival Guide

Flawless Graduation Planning and Organization Is Easier With a Guide. Graduation planning in advance is the key to surviving the event. Preparing for the actual day of graduation is a significant undertaking. It’s essential all your planning executes flawlessly. The moment you are about to plan will result in a lasting memory for each and every one of your students (and their families to boot). That’s why we made one!

graduation planning

Graduation Planning is a Big Deal

The average person assigned to be this year’s Graduation Coordinator is equipped poorly for the grueling series of tasks ahead. What every Graduation Coordinator needs, and rarely receive, is a step by step planning handbook. This article is all about that guide.

Equipped with “The Essential Graduation Survival Guide” you will be fully prepared for everything to come. You can relax a little knowing that you’re the one who’s going to make each student’s walk across the stage the beautiful moment it’s meant to be.

Even if your school year just started, remember how fast it’s going to end. Prepare now to rest easy later.

graduation planning

Guide Highlights

In the handbook, you will find many highlighted areas of focus. Some will apply to your school, and some won’t.

We advise you:

Use what you need

Ignore what you don’t

Share what you’ve learned

Guide Outline:

Dates – What dates are important to know.

Vendors – How to select graduation partners.

Committees – How to enlist help and delegate tasks.

Programs – How to create a great one.

Venues – How to select a location and set it up.

Music – What songs to play and when to play them.

Rehearsals – How and when to hold one.

Inspections – Going over everything with a fine-tooth comb.

Security – Making sure everyone is safe. 

VIP Guests – How to go about inviting them to speak.

Review – How to finalize your planning.

Before Graduation – How to make sure everything’s in place.

During Graduation – How to keep it all going smoothly.

After Graduation – How to end on the best notes possible.

Everything is a little easier with a helping hand.

Let us be your guide!

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