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Kindergarten Gift Ideas

Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite kindergarten books, which offer life lessons and encouragement to young learners. These books are excellent as kindergarten graduation gift ideas! Each book deals with relatable themes for future first graders, and inspire curiosity as your children continue to grow.

Kindergarten Graduate Gift Ideas

Curious You: On Your Way! (by H.A. Rey)

Even though your kindergartener has graduated, you want them to understand that life is a process of constant learning. This is true if you’re 5, 50, or 90 years old. In this book based on the Curious George series, George the Monkey shares some insights that children will take to heart. Curiosity is one of the best traits we can have, and no matter our age, we should never limit our dreams.  

Kindergarten Graduate Gift Ideas

Press Here (by Hervé Tullet)

As your children move into elementary school, there will be more homework and projects to complete. This workload can start to detract from the learning process. However, kids should never forget the value of fun, games, and experimentation. In this witty book, each page encourages children to interact with illustrated buttons and mechanics. It promotes using their imaginations to find fun solutions to problems.

Kindergarten Graduate Gift Ideas

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (by Dr. Seuss)

This book is one of the most inspiring kindergarten books of all time, because of Dr. Seuss’ clever rhymes and colorful illustrations. In fact, many high school and college graduation speakers have quoted lines from this book. To live a great life, we need to travel the world, meet people from different backgrounds, and try things that scare us. Life should be an adventure.

Kindergarten Graduate Gift Ideas


I Knew You Could! (by Craig Dorfman and Cristina Ong)

Picture books are the best kindergarten graduation gift ideas because your kids can read them dozens of times without getting bored. Almost everyone knows The Little Engine that Could(“I think I can, I know I can!”), but in this uplifting sequel, the engine shares words of encouragement for children heading into a new phase of life.

The book’s subtitle is A Book for All the Stops in Your Life. Just like a train, our life paths can be windy and sometimes slow, with significant milestones (or “stops”) along the way. It might be hard to believe as a child, but if we just keep our train moving in the right direction, we’ll eventually reach our destination.  

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