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Graduation Gown Care: Wrinkle Removals

Many people have asked us over the years How to Remove the Wrinkles from your Graduation Gown. Sometimes when you receive your graduation regalia that has been sitting in its cellophane packaging for a while, wrinkles are inevitable. Washing these items is risky and how many students have the money for professional dry cleaning? Did you know you can treat these wrinkles with simple products you likely have at home? Keep reading and the answer may surprise you!

Items You Need

2 Tsp of White Vinegar

1 Tbs of Conditioner

1 Cup of Water


Spray Bottle

Wrinkled article of clothing

Optional: 5-10 drops of any Essential Oil for scent (I used Lime)

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal 1

Step 1 – Add Water

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal 2

Position funnel into an empty spray bottle and carefully pour 1 cup of water into it.

Step 2 – Add White Vinegar

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal 3

Add 2 teaspoons of vinegar to your bottle.

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal 4

Step 3 – Add Conditioner

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal 5

Squeeze a tablespoon of conditioner into measuring spoon and add to the funnel.

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal 6

Since the consistency of conditioner tends to be somewhat thick, use something thin, like a toothpick to stir and gradually push through the funnel. You may add a little hot water to help push it down if needed.

Step 4 – Add an Essential Oil (Optional)

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal 7

Add about 5-10 drops of any clear essential oil. I used lime but some other great options would be lavender, peppermint, Clary sage, juniper, or rosemary. This gives your clothing a nice fresh, clean scent and masks the vinegar odor.

Step 5 – Shake Vigorously!

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal 8

Once all of the products are in the bottle, you will have to shake it up a lot since these products don’t typically blend easily. Once your concoction is all mixed and foamy, you are ready to apply it to the wrinkled item.

 Step 6 – Hang Up Wrinkled Piece of Clothing

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal 9

Here I used a graduation gown. Hang the gown on the back of a door or somewhere with a flat surface.

Step 7 – Spray and Pull Wrinkles Out

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal 10

Spray all over gown generously. Between every few sprays, gently smooth and tug fabric to release wrinkles.

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal 11

Flip over gown (or another garment) and repeat the same process on the back.

Step 8 – Looking Good! Leave it Hanging until Graduation Day.

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal 12

Allow the hanging gown to air dry. Other wrinkles may loosen over time if the gown remains undisturbed on it’s hanger.

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