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Matte Gold Graduation Gown Cap with Tassel 2017

Graduation Gown Instructions

Now that you have correctly measured and received your graduation gown, you may not know how to wear your graduation gown correctly. It may seem pretty obvious but wearing a graduation gown is not something you do every day so it wouldn’t hurt to review these steps. Please read these easy directions to make sure you look great in your cap and gown on graduation day.

In Order to Wear A Graduation Gown Correctly You Will Need:

A GraduationSource Gown

Appropriate Clothing and Shoes


Step 1 – Inspect new gown

How to Wear Graduation Gown

Check to make sure you received the right size and color before you open the packaging to remove the cap and gown. Most companies won’t accept returns of previously opened gowns, so it’s always solid advice to look before tearing the packaging apart. The size tag is located where tags are typically on shirts (center top back). There should also be a sticker on the outside of the package indicating the size.

Step 2 – Remove gown from packaging

How to Wear Graduation Gown

Take your gown out of the cellophane wrapping, unfold it carefully.

How to Wear Graduation Gown

Remove the square piece of cardboard wrapped in the center of the gown.

Step 3- Hang it up!

How to Wear Graduation Gown

If you are not wearing it today, put on a hanger as soon as possible to prevent extra wrinkles.

Step 4- Graduation Day: Put my gown on correctly!

How to Wear Graduation Gown

Unzip the gown from the top to bottom opening it like a jacket.

How to Wear Graduation Gown

Apply gown on top of clothing, start from the bottom, line up both sides and hook zipper. The zippered area sits between the pleats (as seen in below image) on the front of the gown.

How to Wear Graduation Gown

Pull zipper to the top like you would with a sweater or jacket.

How to Wear Graduation Gown

The gown will fall somewhere between the knee and ankle. Put on shoes as required by the school. White, black or tan shoes usually look the best with all academic attire. Ladies, if you are wearing heels, not to worry, it will not impact your gowns appearance all.

Step 5- Take some pictures, you look great!

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