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Matte Gold Children Graduation Gown Cap with Tassel 2017

Graduation Cap Instructions

5-Steps to Properly Wearing Your Graduation Cap 

Plus a few extra steps to ensure you get the right one.

Nearly everyone is required to put on a graduation cap before they get to walk down the aisle and across the stage. You may be thinking, “why should I care how to wear it, I’m just going to be tossing it into the air a couple of hours from now?” A valid question to ask. Although you are going to have to wear it for those few hours, so let’s get it on your head and looking right.

Graduation Cap Instructions

How do I wear my graduation cap?

First, we recommend taking it out of the package (duh).

Locate the longer point on one side of the mortarboard. That point notes the back of the cap and should face towards the back of your head.

Set the mortarboard onto your head, so it fits securely.

If it is still loose and you think it may slip or fall off, secure it with several bobby pins, attaching the edges of the cap to your hair.

Position the tassel, so it is on the right side of your face.

When you graduate, re-position the tassel on the left side.

Graduation Cap Instructions

Where do I order my graduation cap?

You will have to make sure your cap (and probably the rest of your graduation outfit) is ordered in advance so that you’re not scrambling to find one the day before graduation. Most schools will provide them for you, and others show you where to buy them. If you’re in college, more times than not, your cap and gown set is available through the college bookstore. Other times your school may enlist the help of a graduation supply company like GraduationSource to set-up a student ordering portal.

Though less likely, some schools will leave the graduation supply order entirely up to you – which is quite common when homeschooled. If you’re in that boat, websites like have a great selection of quality caps. Make sure you know what color and fabric type it should be, then go out and get one.

Graduation Cap Instructions

What do I do with my cap after graduation?

Some schools will have you walk across the stage, grab your diploma, and then have a teacher move your tassel from right to left to symbolize the completion of your education. Some schools encourage tossing caps into the air and abandoning them to the sands of time. Others discourage this practice because they rent the garments and require you give them back at the end of the ceremony. Should you be allowed to keep your cap, we recommend getting a bit artsy with it.

A graduation ceremony is an important event, and it’s a memory that will last a lifetime. If you’re the type of person who enjoys cherishing memories and saving keepsakes, check out this article on How-To Show Off Your Graduation Memories. It’s a way cooler thing to do than just to abandon your cap to a gust of wind or trash barrel.

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