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Graduation Cap Design: Bedazzled Countdown

Do you think about ways to stand out on your graduation day? Here is a step by step tutorial on how to add some pizzazz and personality with a graduation cap design. Be as creative as you want there are no boundaries on expressing yourself. The ideas are endless. This article is all about how to bedazzle your cap with a graduation countdown.

Items needed:

Shiny/Matte Cap

Fabric Paint

Fabric Glue

Number stickers


Letter Stickers

You can purchase all these supplies at any local arts and crafts store.

Step 1 – Trace out circle as a guide for rhinestones

Using any circular household item, outline the clock in the center of the cap.

Step 2 – We’re ready to glue the rhinestones on

On each of the rhinestones dap a small amount of fabric glue and slightly press the rhinestone on securely. Keep going until your finished product looks like this:

Step 3 – Time to add our jumbled number stickers to our clock

In any way you please, lay the numbers on the bottom half the clock you can lay them in any direction or order.

Step 4 – Finally, we finish all the clock

Taking the white (or any color) fabric paint and draw the lines for the clock’s hands. Be sure to take your time. Draw on both hands and finishing them each off with a small arrow at the end.

 Step 5 – About time we add our finishing touches

Before gluing or sticking any letters down to our cap be sure to arrange them accordingly, so they fit nicely on the cap. Once you have that perfect look, go ahead and glue them down securely. Firmly pressing on each one.

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