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5 Great Graduation Cake Ideas

Everyone loves cake, and graduation is a truly special occasion that requires an exceptional dessert. Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite college graduation cake ideas. All of which, can be just as useful for your high schoolers, middle schoolers, and kindergarteners.

Subject Themed Cake

graduation cake ideas

When coming up with cool graduation cake ideas, it’s pretty tempting to bake a themed cake symbolizing what your child studied in school. When choosing this option, it’s important to make sure your cake has personality! For example, a graduate who majored in foreign languages would love a cake shaped like a globe, or one with multiple languages written on it. Pictured above, is a cake made for a hair design graduate. Likewise, a computer science graduate would appreciate a computer shaped cake, complete with mouse and keyboard. P.S. Just make sure you don’t make it a PC if they are a MAC fan!

Hobby Themed Cake

graduation cake ideas

Next, you can focus on your graduate’s passions and bake a cake that showcases their favorite hobby. If they hit the beach every morning before school to go surfing, you can create an ocean wave cake and place a little surfer in the frosting. The hobby theme is perfect for high school graduation cake ideas, especially if your graduate hasn’t committed to a major yet. If making a cake for your kindergartner, and they happen to love riding around in their big-wheel, have one drawn on their cake. If your graduate loves sports, have a cake like the one featured above baked for them!

Animal Themed Cake

graduation cake ideas

We all love watching cute animal videos, but you know that one friend who constantly posts adorable moments with their cat? They deserve an animal-themed cake for their graduation. With today’s technology, you can print the cutest cat photo on an edible sheet, and then lay it on your cake. Better yet, you can design a cat-shaped cake with whiskers and a fluffy tail. You can even go a step farther and print a real picture of them with their cat on the cake.

Joke Themed Cake

graduation cake ideas

Graduation cakes are a lot like greeting cards. You can go the heartfelt and sentimental route, but if your graduate enjoys a good laugh, you can also inject some humor into the message. When coming up with unique graduation cake ideas, try thinking of some inside jokes that your child will appreciate. Maybe you can use an embarrassing photo from their childhood, a funny nickname, or their favorite toy growing up. You want to be laughing with the graduate, not at them.

Inspirational Themed Cake

graduation cake ideas

Finally, you can pull a quote from one of your graduate’s favorite books, share some parental wisdom, or borrow a few lines from Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go. Graduation is a milestone in life! As your child turns the page and starts their next big chapter, you can be there with a few kernels of wisdom.

Additional Cake Ideas

graduation cake ideas

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