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How To Put A Tassel On Graduation Cap

How To Put A Tassel On Graduation Cap

One of the most symbolic garments that one uses during every graduation day is the graduation cap. It is one of the most famous and most symbolic garments that is commonly seen in every graduation ceremony. One can never be identified as a graduate if one is not wearing such item. As a description, it has a square flat top that when worn would look like a diamond. That square flat top is placed on top of a form-fitting skull cap. As the years went by, there have been a variety of designs that various candidates for graduation uses. But amidst its various designs, the traditions that are associated with the use of the graduation cap have never changed.

In every graduation cap, there is always this small piece of garment that finishes off the whole graduation ensemble. That small object that is specifically placed on the right hand side of the graduate is called a graduation tassel. One simply cannot walk on the stage on the way to get a diploma without a graduation tassel on graduation cap properly positioned in place on the right hand side. As graduation day comes, one should prepare early for the big day by renting some graduation garments in their own trusted shops. There are some shops that offer some graduation garments for rent that does not assemble the cap and the tassel in place yet. If one does not have any idea on how to assemble such garment, then here are some simple steps on how one can assemble their very own graduation tassel on their graduation cap.

1.    Bring out the graduation cap from its packaging and try to find out if indeed the tassel hat fits.

2.    The next in placing the graduation tassel on graduation cap in place is to remove the graduation tassel from its packaging. Hold it upwards in order to check if there are any tangles that can make the tassel look very unkempt.

3.    Notice that there is a loop at the top of the tassel, and also take a look at the top of the graduation cap. If one sees a button at the center of the top of the graduation caps, then that should be the where the graduation tassel is specifically placed. Slide the looped area of the graduation tassel unto the graduation cap, tug it very gently, and be very sure that it is firmly sealed in place.

Now that the graduation cap and the graduation tassel are properly assembled in its proper place, one is now prepared to wear them for the graduation ceremony. Upon wearing them, one needs to make sure that the graduation tassel is draped on the graduate’s right hand side. At some point of the program which is called the “turning of the tassel” ceremony, the graduate transfers that tassel from the right hand side to the left hand side, declaring one to be a graduate of the degree that you are studying. When faced with a problem such as what was mentioned earlier, never hesitate to read back on these simple tips on how one should place their graduation tassel on graduation cap.

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