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How To Make A Great Graduation Cap Tassel Side

How To Make A Great Graduation Cap Tassel Side

Graduation tassels were placed on the side of every graduation caps since the 19th century. It has been a common practice that the tassels are to be switched from the right hand side to the left hand side. This practice is called a “turning of the tassel” ceremony. This ceremony symbolizes the abrupt switch from a candidate for graduation to a full pledged graduate. Not every student enrolled in a course and finish the required years of study can participate in the graduation ceremony itself. Not everyone can enjoy the privilege of marching the stage along with their fellow batch mates, receive their diploma, and shake hands with the school principal or the university president. When one grabs the opportunity to graduate, always beam with pride knowing that one has indeed acquired something in life.

Going out and finding some graduation garments that are for rent or for sale can be quite a hassle. Instead, in order to save on a lot of cash, one can opt to make their own graduation cap tassels that are to be placed at the sides of the graduation caps. Here are some simple steps that one can follow when one opts to make some graduation cap tassel side.

1. The first step in making one’s very own graduation cap tassel side is to gather some materials that one can use for their personalized graduation cap sides. Materials like some yarns, a pair of scissors, and a piece of cardboard that is of the size of the desired length of one’s graduation tassels.

2.  Grab the yarn and the cardboard and roll the yarn around the cardboard up to the desired thickness of one’s graduation tassel. After one is satisfied with the thickness of the rolled yarn, it is now safe to cut the end of the yarn.

3. The next step in making one’s very own is to grab a minimum length of yarn and tie it around one corner of the rolled yarn. Make sure that the tied area is about an inch below the top portion of the corner.

4.  When the top corner is securely tied, cut the other side of the corner, or the bottom part of the rolled yarn.

5. Comb the cut yarns in place in order to prevent tangles. Comb them properly because combing them helps the yarn to become a bit softer.

After carefully following these simple tips, all one needs to do is to securely place the graduation tassel on the graduation cap. Making one’s very own graduation cap tassel side is a more convenient way of saving enough money because one does not need to spend some ample amount of cash on an item that can only be used once in their lifetime. One can even save enough time and energy because one does not need to walk around countless hours around stores anymore. Make a personalized graduation cap tassel side instead and enjoy the amount of money that one can surely save.

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