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How To Make A Graduation Tassel

How To Make A Graduation Tassel

The season of graduation is indeed one of the most traditional events that is highly awaited by every graduating student. When one finishes grade school, high school, or even college, such graduation day should never be missed out by friends and family who have continually given support all throughout the years as an undergraduate. One of the most popular symbols during every graduation day is the graduation tassel. It is the one that is commonly placed either on the right hand side, or on the left hand side. This is truly one of the most symbolic prop that you can always use when one starts reminiscing their high school or college life.

Purchasing a 2018 tassel can be a bit of a hassle. Browsing through hundreds of pieces of tassel designs can be quite overwhelming, and can take a lot of time. In order to lessen the burden, one can enjoy the privilege of making his or her own graduation tassel.

Here are some simple tips to follow on how to make a graduation tassel.

1. To make a tassel, one needs to prepare certain materials in order to make their very own graduation tassel. One only needs to prepare some yarn, a piece of cardboard with a length that matches the desired length of the tassel, and a pair of scissors. One of the perks of making one’s own graduation tassel is that one gets to freely choose what color they would want, or what type of string one would like to use for their tassel.

2. The cardboard serves as a guide as to how long the graduation tassel must be. The longer the cardboard, the longer the tassel. Grab some yarn and roll it around the full length of the cardboard. It is important to continually repeat this step until one reaches the desired thickness of their graduation tassel. When one is finally satisfied with the tassel’s thickness, it is time that one cuts the end of the string.

3. Take another end of the yarn and tie it around one of the edges of the rolled yarn. Tie the yard around the edge in order to seal it. Make a double knot instead in order to ensure the tightness of the string.

4. Situate the tied area at the top and cut the other edge of the yarn that is situated at the bottom.

5. The next step on how to make a graduation tassel is to cut another length of yarn and place it about an inch from the top of the tassel. Tie the yarn around the area, making sure to roll around the area a couple of times until one makes sure that the tied area is properly sealed.

6. As a final stroke, carefully brush the yarns in order to prevent some tangles. This can give the graduation tassel a neat and fine finish

Making one’s very own graduation tassel to make your graduation caps look great can greatly save enough amounts of time and money  One needs not to order and spend plentiful amount of cash anymore for graduation accessories. So if ever one comes up with an idea of making their own graduation tassel, never hesitate to follow these simple tips on how to make a graduation tassel.

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