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How Special the Graduation Regalia Is?

The whole graduation ceremony is an affair that the whole academe observes at the end of a respective school year. This is the one true occasion where the candidates are recognized for their accomplishment and their achievement, for being able to reach this specific point in your academic life and complete all the necessary requirements that are attached to your course. Accompanying this joyous and momentous occasion is the candidate’s official garb which is the graduation regalia. The official outfit for the graduation ceremony is something that every candidate must regard as highly important and it must be at the top of your priority list during the span of your graduation preparation. In fact, with how hectic the weeks before graduation would probably be, some universities even offer the having the supplier come to you. However, there are some universities that still opt for its own candidates to choose their own regalia with the specified indications being taken into consideration depending on the college that you belong.

The graduation ceremonies have always been celebrated for centuries and it is still a tradition that is observed until at present by many universities all around the world. Because it is a tradition, it is important that every little detail accompanying it should be considered and acknowledged to the point that the organizers will aim to make it as perfect as possible. Since it is celebrated at the end of the school year, the occasion is marked as the whole academe’s celebration for another year of academic success. As a candidate, it is your task to also make this occasion as perfect as possible by getting your graduation regalia and making sure it fits all the specific requirements laid out by your respective college.

The important thing to remember when getting your graduation regalia is that:

• The whole regalia must have the colors specified by your college.

• It fits on you in a way that it is not too loose or too tight. Bear in mind that you will have to wear this regalia for quite a long period of time depending on how long your school’s graduation ceremony will take.

• The graduation regalia will consist of the academic robe, the hood, the cap and the tassel.

• The cap usually has three types: the very common one which is the mortarboard which is usually used by the undergraduates, the tam and then the bonnet. 

• Accompanying the graduation caps is the tassel which color is specific to your college.

• What you can wear under the robe will usually be specified by your school. For women, it is usually a dress with its hem extending only a couple of inches below the hem of the regalia. For men, it would usually be a dress shirt and slacks, sometimes a full suit and sometimes just casual wear.

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