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Landing a Dream Job with Social Media

If you’re a college grad looking for that first new job, you may already have realized some of the points we’ve delineated below. However, no matter how much you think you know about social media as a pre-job-searching person, there’s a lot you don’t likely know. How various social media platforms work to create real, long-lasting, and genuine relationships with actual human beings who share your interests is seriously amazing, and there’s always something new just around the corner. With that said, the following are some of the issues you may have already started to face — and what to do about them.

Use Social Media to Land Your Dream Job 1

The “Must Have Experience” Dilemma

& How to Fix it with Social Media

So there you are coffee in one hand, mouse in the other; scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, then BAM! There it is — the job listing that reads as if it came right out of your journal — how could they NOT hire you? What they are hiring for is your passion, your dream. On top of that, you have the education under your belt, and you know how to do everything they’ve listed in the job post.

One Minor Problem: 

The job listing includes a mandatory requirement of “at least three years of experience in the industry.”

Do the four years you spent in college getting a degree in that specified field count? Nope.

How about the years you spent reading, writing, and talking about this industry because it’s all you’ve ever wanted to do? Nah.

If the job states a need for the experience you don’t have you might be thinking to yourself, “are there are workarounds or loopholes I can use to get around this requirement?”— The answer is yes. However, you’ll have to be confident, competent, and beat out the competition with a publicly visible presence that annotates your skills and experience — what better way than social media?

The Solution:

Advertise your skills in a public forum. There are dozens out there you can use. We’ve listed a number of suggestions below, but you don’t need to sign up for all of them. However, it would be wise to pick and choose which will best advertise the skills you’re looking to prove you have. For example, if you’re not a designer or artist, you probably won’t benefit from creating a DeviantArt page.

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