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Graduation Regalia Master’s Degree: A Brief Description

Graduation Regalia Master’s Degree: A Brief Description

Getting fuzzy on the upcoming graduation day? Haven’t prepared the costume yet for the big day? Why not choose Lescapsgown to buy graduation supplies? Many questions would hit the mind during the pursuit of the best graduation regalia master’s degree. Since it would be another triumph of one’s educational journey, it should be one of the most memorable moments.

Graduate studies have both masters and doctoral degrees. However, the regalia for doctoral degrees are different from the graduation regalia master’s degree. The latter is more of the bachelor’s degree regalia. The graduation regalia stole is its main difference. The doctoral graduation gown is usually black but others are using the school color. It has three velvet bands on its sleeves and velvet on the gown’s front. Some of these graduation gowns may expose a necktie when it’s closed. There are also cape-like ones. The front portion of the gown could be opened or closed like the academic dress masters. Doctoral caps may use a mortarboard or a tam. It could also use a strain tassel or a bright golden one which is more expensive.

They differ in some designs and colors. The master’s gown has its length until mid-calf or up to the ankle. Its sleeves are shaped into oblong which has a square cut behind it. They use square instead of the pointed one. In front of the oblong-shaped sleeve, there is an arc with a slit used for the wrist opening. The graduation gown for master’s degree could be worn open or closed. The length of the master’s degree hoods to be used varies on the level of academic achievement. The hood should be 3.5 ft. in length. Remember that only hood for doctoral has the panels at the side of the hood.

What are the basic components of graduation regalia master’s degree hoods? The first one is the hood’s shell. The Costume Code requires the hood’s shell material to match the robe. It has to be black even the robe’s color follow the institution’s color which is not black at all times.

Another important thing to know about master’s degree regalia is the hoods’ trims. The outer edge of the cowl is being trimmed in velvet. Its width is 2 inches, 3 inches, and 5 inches. The velvet hood trimming in most American colleges and universities is based on the academic field. The trim colors should not be shown or combined together in order to indicate more than one field of discipline. There should only be one hood to be worn at a time. The Academic Costume Code does not allow the mixing and matching of these hoods.

This information will help one to choose the right graduation regalia master’s degree that would suit the taste of the user. One should be conscious in getting the right material, style, and fit to increase the comfort and the confidence of the user. Even there is a uniformity of the design, for sure; the comfort would differ from each other. Most likely, light materials are preferable for the crowd may create heat. Sweat may ruin the make-up, hence, may lessen one’s confidence.

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