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Graduation Gowns, How Long Should it be?

Graduation Gowns, How Long Should it be?

There seems to be a little confusion about a graduation gown’s supposed length. Some like it to be shorter and others like it to be fuller and longer. Yet the question, graduation gowns how long it should be still remains.

The usual observation is that, the higher the academic level a candidate is in, the longer the length of his or her graduation gown should be. However, it is not always the case since lower academic levels like high school, elementary students and even in graduation gowns nursery can opt to wear graduation gowns that are fuller and longer.

The only answer to graduation gowns how long should it be is to ask the school about their required or suggested length. Graduation gowns can range up to knee length, mid-calf length or even ankle-length and some schools require a certain length for every candidate to preserve uniformity and neatness among the candidates during the ceremony.

However, another answer to graduation gowns how long should it be is in the choice of the candidate. Choosing a graduation gown’s length should also be in accord to a candidate’s preference. It is important however to choose a graduation gown that is not too long (since you might trip on it during the ceremony which is obviously embarrassing) and not too short (that it might look hanging or inappropriate on you).

The best graduation gown length for any age is the mid-calf length because the knee length may come off quite short and the ankle length may be too long for a candidate. But of course, it still depends on which length is more comfortable for the student or in some cases, it depends on the school’s preference.

Aside from the length, don’t forget to ask your school about the required graduation gown colors and other specifications especially for college candidates and up. College, Masters and Doctorate degree candidates may all have similarly black graduation gowns but for the high school level and lower, their graduation gown colors may be different depending on the requirements of the school.

Aside from the graduation gowns, graduation caps should not be also forgotten. Graduation caps should always match the color of a candidate’s graduation gown and should have a tassel that is colored in accordance to school rules. In college and the masters level however, the tassels are colored to represent a candidate’s academic discipline or field of study.

Graduation caps can also be designed creatively and uniquely for candidates in the high school level and lower but it also depends on the school if they will allow such. Some college degree candidates also decorate their graduation caps either to express their joy, pride and achievement.

Graduation gowns and the other pieces of graduation attire should be prepared well and worn well on the day of graduation. As expected, a lot of picture-takings will happen during this event because it is certainly one of the many events a student and parent should cherish and remember. And of course, a candidate should look good on those pictures, so wear a graduation attire with confidence!

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