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Getting to know your Graduation Hoods

Getting to know your Graduation Hoods

Hoods are usually used as a means of protecting the head from unnecessary elements. As time passed by, they were not only used for practical reasons but also to distinguish one’s status. This became apparent in the 14th Century when druids and priests used this piece of clothing to indicate that they have higher form of knowledge. In the modern times, this tradition is still kept alive during graduation ceremonies.

Before, when I have been to graduation ceremonies, I have noticed that graduates have this colorful type of clothing attached to their gowns. I didn't know what it was until I myself graduated in college. As a bystander or audience, you could never appreciate the beauty and thought of the whole academic regalia; graduation hoods and all. But as I get to know the meaning of every piece that consists the academic regalia, I came to appreciate what they represent. After all, it is not every time that you are given the opportunity to wear such distinguished apparels.

There are plenty of patterns used today, however, there are only two patterns of graduations hoods that are used in a traditional sense, these are:

full shape

simple shape.

The more tradition full-shape pattern is usually used at Cambridge. You can differentiate because it usually consists of a cape.

Simple shape hoods are used by bachelors and master’s degree graduates. Simple capes do not have a cape, however, they do have the cowl and lairize. But as time goes by, some universities do not follow the two patterns given above.

As it was previously mentioned, graduation hoods are often seen in different colors. There are times when you wonder what the purpose and how relevant are the colors of the hoods. These colors are designated according to the rank and faculty of the wearer. Arts, letter & humanities have white colored hood lining, while Education have Blue. Law is assigned to Purple, Medicine with Green and Science with Golden Yellow.

The hood is always worn with a gown, although there are some universities that do not apply this tradition anymore. Often times you will just see graduates with the usual academic regalia which consist of graduation gown and cap.

If you do not know how to properly wear your graduation attire hood, here are some tips you can follow:

You can hook the hood by the loop in the neckband.

The hood is usually hooked onto the button of a cassock. However, if you are not planning on wearing a cassock, you can just hook the loop onto your shirt button.

Make sure that the neckband of the hood is clearly hooked onto the collar under the tie. This secures the hood in place and avoids having the hood pull your shirt upward. However, you should also make sure that the hood is hooked properly into your shirt. Adjust the length of the hook since you do not want to pull the neckband too close to the front of shirt making the hood's placement awkward.

Just look in the internet for more information about Graduation hoods. It is better if you research on the qualities of a good graduation hoods so that you can avoid any dress mishaps during your most special day.

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