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FAQs About Graduation Hoods and Robes

FAQs About Graduation Hoods and Robes

There a number of reasons why graduating students are made to wear special attire and they are normally not allowed to be worn on just any ordinary day. One reason is to preserve the formality of graduation days. These days don’t come every year, and each one is a hallmark to mark the passage between different educational levels. A person’s last graduation day, whether it be for a bachelor’s degree, medical, or juris doctor, is one of the most special days in a lifetime. It commemorates the passing from student to professional. This is why it’s important to know even a little bit about those special garments that you wear on graduation days, and here we will discuss some interesting FAQs about graduation hoods and robes.

What are graduation hoods?

Also known as academic hoods, these are garments similar to regular hoods except that they are not normally worn on the head anymore but hang low over the back. The ends of the hoods also drape over the shoulders and down the sides of the chest. Graduation hoods are also made from materials that are fancier than the more ordinary hoods. Silk, satin, and even fur is used to make these special ornaments.

Why important to know about the graduation hoods?

Although the robe and the cap are the two primary elements of academic regalia, the hood is the finishing touch that will make the graduating student both look and feel confident and special. Graduation hoods symbolize the field you graduated from, for schools and universities around the world pay particular attention to the right colors that the hoods will show. Hoods also show how diverse cultures are. In UK, for example, hoods made of fur are quite common due to the chilly weather, while tropical countries like Sri Lanka prefer to make their hoods of cooler fabrics like silk.

What are graduation robes?

Also known as togas and gowns, these are the special clothing we don over a dress or suit during graduation days. Like hoods, graduation robes come in a variety of colors and finishes. This depends on the fabrics the schools decide are the best ones as well as other features like the weather and the preferences of the staff and student body.

Why are graduation robes important?

No respectable school or university will let a graduating student walk down the stage and receive a diploma without a graduation robe on. In fact, you can say without exaggerating that the graduation robe is the most important part of the academic regalia. Graduation hoods and even the mortarboard or graduation cap are easy to acquire, but a good robe may take some time to find and perfect.

It is also important for a student to get the best-fitting robe he or she can find. This will make the graduation day extra special, for he or she will naturally feel more comfortable and confident in a robe that is the perfect size and length.

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