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Expensive Vs. Affordable Academic Hoods

Expensive Vs. Affordable Academic Hoods

When buying for products, it has always been an issue of choosing either a more affordable product over the more expensive one or the other way around. Customers taste in buying goods vary from one over the other and we could not just tell what they actually prefer. Expensive items are marked as the ones which are made out of quality, but it does not always hold true since some are only priced more because of it being manufactured by a known company. 

The same holds true for garments which are worn during graduation day. The academic regalia which is generally composed of graduation gowns, academic square caps and academic hoods are being sold on many different stores and greatly vary in prices.

For a graduate, once concern in wearing the academic regalia would be its purpose of making him or herself look good and stand out among the other graduates. With the variations in designs and colors of academic hoods, they may come in various prices as well. Complexity of design and the use of high graded materials would often be a factor in determining the price of the garment. Hoods which are made out of silk or those which have intricate patterns are generally the ones which are priced above the normal price range.

Others however think that buying expensive academic hoods is not economical. Cheap Graduation Gowns and hoods which are more affordable are more appropriate to be worn for an occasion which only requires the wearing of the garments once in a lifetime. For them, grandiose garments are not necessary for such event since what is actually important would be the diploma and the real knowledge and skills which the graduate will carry upon finishing school.

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