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Easy Steps On How To Wear An Academic Hood

Easy Steps On How To Wear An Academic Hood

It may come as a surprise but there are actually people who are quite confused as to how to wear an academic hood. It looks easy, others find it complicated but in reality, the technique only lies in the instructions given. In truth, it is relatively easy but without the guidance, the candidate for graduation may get confused. Here are some tips that you might want to follow during the application of your academic hood:

As a candidate for graduation, it is compulsory that you have an academic hood during the day of your graduation.

You will carry the hood in your left forearm when you march towards the ceremony’s venue.

You are not actually the one who will place the hood on yourself, the adorners will be your superiors, school heads and professors.

You will be awarded your hood on the stage of the venue and this is how the whole adorning will go

When you are already on stage, offer the hood to your adorner.

Your adorner will get your hood, you have to turn your back against the adorner, remove your cap from your head and the adorner will simply drape the hood over your head. 

The adorner will have to make sure that the velvet lining of the hood is along your shoulders.

The bottom half of the hood should be turned outward so that the alma mater’s colors are actually showing.

The cord in the middle of the hood will be fastened and the buttons on both sides of the  hood should also be fastened for security.

How to wear an academic hood is really as easy as that.

Now that the topic on how to wear an academic hood is thoroughly discussed, then you must know that with this comes the task of actually preparing for what you will have to wear during the day of your graduation. All the candidates for graduation are required to wear their academic regalia. This regalia will consist of the academic robe, the academic hood, the graduation caps and the tassel. Each of these is specific to your college’s style and color scheme. The academic hood alone has many colors that are correlated to the college you are graduating from, the most common ones are: white (arts, letters, humanities), light blue (education), orange (engineering), purple (law), green (medicine), dark blue (philosophy) and golden yellow (major disciplines in science).

In how to wear an academic hood, you are taught more on the technicalities of the hood but there are some things you might want to know about the academic hood that not a lot of people know. The size of your hood actually depends on the level of degree you are graduating in. So, the smallest hood would belong to those who are graduating with a bachelor’s degree, then comes those who are graduating with a master’s degree and then those who are getting their doctorates will get the largest size in their academic hoods.

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