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Graduation Cap Instructions

Who knows what the weather will be like on your graduation day, it might be picture perfect or anything but. If the wind picks up, your graduation cap could blow right off your head before you make it to the stage. If you’re like most graduates, you probably only want your graduation cap airborne at the end of the ceremony.

Below, we’ve shared how to wear a graduation cap so that you avoid fashion disasters, make a statement, and look great when you receive your diploma.

how to wear a graduation cap 1

Practice Putting on the Cap

In the days before graduation, try on your cap and gown while watching yourself in the mirror. Practice trying on and taking off the cap a few times while seeing how it looks, and then try doing it without a mirror. This practice can be helpful if the graduation cap flies off during graduation, so you can calmly put it on and straighten it without any help.

how to wear a graduation cap 2

Wear It at a Proper Angle

When practicing how to wear a graduation cap in the mirror, feel how the cap sits on your head once you’ve shifted it to the right position. Ideally, the mortarboard should almost be flat on your head (i.e. perpendicular to your body), because if you have it angled too far back, it will eventually fall off.

how to wear a graduation cap 3

Use Haircare Products as an Adhesive

On graduation day, ladies (and suave gents) can apply some hairspray before putting on the graduation cap. Such products will give your hair a bit more texture and hold so that the cap stays firmly on your head.

how to wear a graduation cap 4

Bring Bobby Pins to the Ceremony

For an even stronger solution, you can cross two bobby pins into an X shape, so that the cap is attached to your hair. Try to choose pins that match your hair color, so that they don’t stand out too much. If you position the pins on the backside of your head, they won’t show up in pictures.

how to wear a graduation cap 5

Avoid Hairstyles that Loosen the Cap

Finally, ladies should take note that certain hairstyles will affect how the cap fits. When in doubt, leave your hair down. It’s not worth it to spend hours styling your hair for graduation, only to lose your cap and mess up your hair in the process. To see a variety of graduation caps at every education level, visit the GraduationSource store.

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