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Wearing Graduation Hoods

5-Steps to Ensure Your Wear Yours Correctly

Many students and faculty are required to don a hood during commencement ceremony exercises. What we’ve found is that many people have difficulty figuring out how to wear their hoods. It’s a little tricky, but we’re sure you can figure it out with help from the steps below.

Graduation Hood Instructions

Graduation Hood Instructions

How do I wear my hood?

Put the hood over the head, velvet side up, with the small tapered V-shaped end in front of the neck and the long U-shaped rear draping over the back.

Smooth the front of the hood into place, so it rests comfortably below the chin and over the shoulders.

Secure the front loop to your clothing or gown zipper to keep the hood in place or use a safety pin if necessary.

Enlist the help of a friend or faculty member or fellow student to adjust the placement on the rear of the hood.

Use your fingers to turn out the colors on the back of the hood, starting just below the shoulders and turning the fabric inside-out to expose the lining and chevron underneath.

Graduation Hood Instructions

How do I order the correct graduation hood?

Your velvet color you can figure out on your own, but the chevron and lining are school specific.  Always contact your school to confirm your lining and chevron colors (1st and 2nd school colors). If you have attended multiple colleges, then use the chevron and lining colors associated with the highest level of degree you’ve attained. The velvet color represents the particular focus of study associated with your degree. Click here to be taken to a velvet chart that matches each color to its appropriate degree type.

Graduation Hood Instructions

Where do I order my graduation hood?

Make sure you order your graduation hood in advance. Custom goods may take up to six weeks to manufacture and deliver. Most schools will instruct you as to where to order your hood. Many times you will have to order through the college bookstore. However, more times than not, your school will leave you the choice of finding and ordering your own graduation hood. Websites like GraduationSource.com have a great selection of quality hoods for all education levels and degree types.

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